Read Along With Me

It’s always more fun to read with friends than it is to read alone!

Someone to share the highs and the lows with, and all the times in between when you want to hug the good guys, snuggle the kittens, and punch the bad guys in the junk!

♥   So Read Along With Me!   

Comment and share your thoughts as we go along.

My thoughts and musings will be chronologic, but not every chapter will be covered.

I will be with you in spirit as we curse the mean girls for being bitches, and then share the virtual tissues as we try not to cry over heart wrenching backstories of woe and loss.

Don’t be afraid to vent about that idiot decisions that someone just made that was more than likely one of the main characters, and could have been handled easily if someone would of just communicated!

I will be that life-line to reach out to when you really need someone to hold your hand because your stomach is in knots over these virtual characters that you are now attached to and want to vomit because even though you know it’s going to most likely work out for everyone in the end there is still that small chance that someone who is most likely your favorite secondary character might not make it out alive!
(Big run on sentence, I know, but it’s emotional and I know you get it!)

Lastly, I will be that voice of reason to talk you off the page turning ledge that you want to use to jump to the end because you just got to know what happens to that person I just mentioned above!

This is for all of you out there that are just like me and put all of your heart into your stories and adventures!

I get it!

So let’s get lost together!

Nov 13, 2017

Beneath the Lake (double feature) [all to be started on this day]

No Ordinary BillionaireThe Sinclair's Series, Book 01
Nov 13, 2017Beneath the Lake 1.0 & 2.0Lake Lanier Mysteries Series, Book 01
The Two-Night One-Night StandNone
The Beast Of BathNone
A Different Kind Of CosplayNone
The Billionaire’s ChristmasThe Sinclair's Series, Book 0.5
The Forbidden BillionaireThe Sinclair's Series, Book 02
The Billionaire's TouchThe Sinclair's Series, Book 03
The Billionaire's VoiceThe Sinclair's Series, Book 04
The Billionaire Takes AllThe Sinclair's Series, Book 05
Sweet as SinBad Habit Series, Book 01
Make Me SinBad Habit Series, Book 02
Sin With MeBad Habit Series, Book 03
What Lies BeneathEnigma Series, Book 01
Naura Enigma Series, Book 02
Vaulcron Enigma Series, Book 03
Zaureth Enigma Series, Book 04
Oz Enigma Series, Book 05
Gryke Enigma Series, Book 06
Braum Enigma Series, Book 07
Rykaur Enigma Series, Book 08
Thrasher Enigma Series, Book 09
Starblind Starblind Series, Book 01
Parallax Starblind Series, Book 02
Flux Starblind Series, Book 03
Luminosity Starblind Series, Book 04
Alpha WolfOlento Research Series, Book 01
Lone WolfOlento Research Series, Book 02
Rabid WolfOlento Research Series, Book 03
Bad WolfOlento Research Series, Book 04
Heart of GoldClans of Shadow Series, Book 01
Feet of ClayClans of Shadow Series, Book 02
Fists of IronClans of Shadow Series, Book 03
Villains Rule The Shadow Master Series, Book 01


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