Argeneau Series Breakdown


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The Series at a Glance
The Argeneau’s are essentially humans that are from Atlantis. They had advanced technology and created a vaccine of nanos that was intended to heal major wounds and illnesses and then die after completing their task. The first test run was not a total success because one of the side effects was insanity which is where the “No Fangers” came from. They edited the vaccine and fixed that side effect however the nanos did not die off after fixing the initial injury because the human body is always receiving damage daily from the sun, weather, food choices, and more. Since the nanos use red blood cells as fuel the people who received the vaccines had to receive blood transfusion in their hospitals. Once Atlantis fell they were thrust into the world with all the other humans that were no where close to their technology level. The nanos altered their bodies to make them more efficient at getting the red blood cells the nanos need for fuel. All of these adaptations make them more like a vampire, however they prefer to call themselves immortals as appose to vampires.
Rules of the Argeneau World
  1. They prefer the term “Immortal” instead of “Vampire”
  2. Sunlight will not kill an Immortal but will increase the amount of blood the nanos will need
  3. You can only have (1) child every 100 years. Twins are allowed but require you to wait for an extra 100 years.
  4. You can only turn (1) person EVER which is usually reserved for a lifemate.
  5. A Lifemate is one that cannot read or control the other person.
  6. Signs of meeting your lifemate besides #5 include a renewal of apatite for food and sex as well as shared dreams.
  7. Insanity, brain damage, and previous immortal encounters can lead to a lack of control of another but usually not mind reading.
  8. Immortals are extra flammable
  9. The nanos are powered by red blood cells which can be provided through real or synthetic blood
  10. Feeding from humans directly was banned after synthetic blood was created however the European Vampire Council is a bit behind when it comes to adopting this rule.
  11. Rule #8 does not apply in an emergency or for those with “Special Permits”
  12. more to come…
My Notes About the Argeneau Series...

My notes for this series are in reference to characters so I have put the details in a spoiler box for those that are sensitive about these matters.

Mable's Name
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Stephanie's Age
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More notes may come as I complete the breakdown for this series.