Argeneau Series ❣

The Argeneau World . . .

Lynsay Sands’s fresh and different spin on the Vampire Romance. Immortals created through science who need blood to replenish the nanos that keep them at their best physical peak. Each book focuses on a different couple and usually someone from or closely related to the Argeneau family. This type of series allows for new stories but keeps you in touch with everyone you already know. The Argeneau family will soon become your family. A blend of Atlantian legend, science, and romance with a dash of good humor makes this my favorite Vampire Romance series.

Audiobook Availability of the Argeneau Series

All of this series is on audio except One (1) novella, Vampire Valentine🅽. This is part of the anthology Bitten By Cupid🅰 which currently does not come in an audiobook format🔇. This is the only place the novella can be found at this time. I was able to get it in eBook format through my local library which utilizes Overdrive. That link will take you to the Overdrive page for the book where you can search your local area for libraries with access to it.

Notes About the Argeneau Series...

There are some books in the middle of this series that are listed as “The Rogue Hunter Series” but these are still the same series and not a different one. Lynsay explains on her website that the publishers thought it would make more sense to call it a different series because the main characters were not “Argeneaus” directly.

There is also another note on Lynsay’s website about the publication versus true reading order of the first three books. Again the publishers wanted to publish the male stories first even though they were not meant for that order.


Bonus & Other

The Argeneau section of Lynsay Sands website has free book excerpts and an Argeneau and Notte family tree. The trees only cover up to book #20 Vampire Most Wanted and only the direct members of those families so there are many people missing because of this.

Argeneau Series Reading Order

Argeneau Series Breakdown