Review: Timeless Desire by Lucy Felthouse

My ReviewsA haunted library love story!

This is a short standalone title at a little over an hour and a half. It’s sweet, a bit heart wrenching, with a little bit of steam thrown in.

There is a note with this title that states its a revised and extended version of a previously published title, Love Through Time.

♥ Story ♥
Emily Stone is a book conservator called to Westbury Manor to help organize and preserve their large library. Shortly after she arrives she meets their conveniently hot and sexy night guard George. Because that happens all the time, right?

Then before you know it, there is pictures being knocked over and a secret haunting comes to light. Apparently that wasn’t disclosed in the job description. This sets our two characters up to work in tight quarters while they try to unravel the mystery of why the things go bump in the night.
We all know what that leads too! 🙂

The story they uncover will break your heart a little. I for one could of used just a little more closure on it, but not for sure what more she could of wrote.

This is a light story with a little bit of steam at the end. A great read/listen for when you need a brain break from some of the harsher ones.

♥ Author ♥
I’ve listened and rated/reviewed several other Lucy Felthouse tales and this one did not disappoint. I find that even though many of her title are listed as “Erotica” they can often be quite tame. They make for a pleasant in between read when you need a palate cleanser. She writes great stories, long or short, with intriguing characters and plots.

♥ Narrator(s) ♥
This is my first listen to Louisa Middleton and the only title listed on her Audible page. That does not mean that she has not narrated anything else, exactly. Many Narrators use different names for different genres. I do not know if this is the case for Louisa Middleton.

She did a good job with this title and her accent is quite cute. It works for a shy librarian type. Her male voice did not lack as he came off fairly dreamy.

The production quality needed a boost in speed. At least on my audible player. An increase of 1 to 2 ticks is all that is needed and it fixed it right up.

Timeless Desire

Written by Lucy Felthouse

Read by Louisa Middleton

Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited

Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review

Review: Mean Girls by Lucy Felthouse

My Reviews
Super Sweet and Sexy!

Adele is so adorable and so is the main love interest Oliver!

Adele Blackthorne is curvy and she knows it and she owns it! She made herself sick when she tried to live up to others ideas of what is the right ideal type for her body, so she made a pack with herself to be healthy not skinny. So what if she isn’t a size 2. She is a chef, owns her own business, and not only eats healthy but also swims at the local leisure center. This is where she gets eyefuls of the hunky lifeguard who stars in her fantasies on a regular basis.

Oliver hears the hateful things the mean girls say about Adele, and he hates it. Turns out he has been lusting after Adele just as much if not more. He wants to do something about the verbal bullying, but doesn’t want to get fired. He totally blows his shot at telling Adele how he feels, but luckily a cheerful bartender helps him fix his blunder.

The two give love a second chance and find out that they have a lot more in common than they might have thought. They are so sweet and adorable together, I just want to give them both a big hug! I totally agree with Adele that there is a big difference between being naked in front of someone and stripping in front of them. Being naked is just naked, but if you strip for someone, it is a long focus on your body and way more unnerving.

Don’t worry about the b*@#%es, cause they don’t go un-scolded.

This audiobook is narrated by Xanthia Bloom. She does a good job with all the various characters, as well as with the story telling.

Overall I give this 5 of 5 stars!

Mean Girls

Written by Lucy Felthouse

Read by Xanthia Bloom

“Audiobook was given to me for free at my request in exchange for an unbiased review”

Review: Mean Girls by Lucy Felthouse