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Review: Beast by Sky Corgan

My ReviewsWhat if the Beast was a hitman and Belle was his target?

Beast is a Standalone by Sky Corgan.

Nathan Glondys narrates.

HEA, NO cheating, no cliffhangers!

Length: 2 hrs and 36 mins

Currently listed as Part of the Audible Romance Package.

♥ Story ♥

Kendall ❤ Dyson

Beast is packed with action! The hero and heroine are both strong resourceful individuals. It’s a fresh take on the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.

Sky Corgan is normally known for her more racier reads, but this one is more action than spice. If you don’t like hot sex and dirty talk you can just skip chapter 8, and you should be good.

“I KILL PEOPLE FOR A living. If they’re lucky, I only have to rough them up. It’s rare they’re lucky.”
— Beast


Dyson Fidler is a hit-man. His current job is to acquire the daughter of renowned scientist and keep her hidden in a secure hideout in the middle of no where. Obtaining his target was easy. Maintaining her is proving to be difficult. Avoiding falling in love is impossible.

The Beast has problems because his boss will not accept failure. It could come down to his life or Kendall’s, and he knows he won’t be able to end hers.

“If you were scared, you wouldn’t do this stupid shit to begin with.”
— Beast

Kendall Deridder

In true beauty and the beast fashion Belle Kendall’s father is most times lost in his inventions, except this one is actually a success! Everyone wants to get their hands on it, and some are willing to go to ANY measure to get it. Kendall and her father flee to a remote hideaway, but not remote enough to stop the Beast.

In the hands of the Beast, she doesn’t cower. She is determined to rescue herself. She isn’t without honor though. When he comes to her rescue, she can’t leave him to die, and thus begins their true story.

“I’m glad you’re safe.”

I love the use of modern day science to tell this adaptation of a classic fairy tale. It makes the story more real. The sexy fun times in the middle make it even better. The new twists keep it fresh and make it a great listen.

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♥ Author ♥

Not as sexy of a listen by Sky Corgan as some of her other titles but it was still Hot! In exchange for some of the heat we get more action.

Sky has 50 Audio Titles

♥ Narrator(s)♥

Nathan Glondys was excellent. He performed both male and female characters well. He also managed to give side characters their own unique voice too.

Nathan has 17 Audio Titles


Written by Sky Corgan

Read by Nathan Glondys

Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review

Review: Revenge Games (Revenge Games Duet Book 1)

My ReviewsA fairly clean story was not what I was expecting.

Revenge Games is the first part of the Revenge Games Duet by Sky Corgan.

Arthur J. Hoyt narrates the duet.


Length: 5 hrs and 55 mins

Currently listed as Part of the Audible Romance Package.

Ebook currently free with Kindle Unlimited

♥ Story ♥

The Revenge Games Duet is different than what I have listened to thus far from Sky Corgan.

Part one, Revenge Games, is practically clean. Most naughty words were used in anger and not lust.

Willow Stroop is our heroine, and it sets up two potential heros in Caleb Ryan and Peter Burgett. I kept waiting for it to turn into a menage, or lay the ground work for it to unfold in part two. It’s still a possibility, but I don’t think it will be that kind of story at all.

This changes points of view amongst all the main players: Willow, Caleb, Peter, and Becky. It’s curious to see the story through all the different eyes. It also helps soften some of their more harsher aspects.

I have mixed emotions. I want to root for Willow and her adventures to claim a new life. One that is free from all the strife of her childhood experiences. Obtain that guy you think is just out of reach, make the mean girls eat their words, and make all the guys that didn’t give you the time of day, drool as you dismiss them like that they did you. However, she makes it very hard. She is a bit of an A-hole. The fact that Peter is a bit of an A-hole too, makes them meant for each other. All of which leaves you feeling bad for Caleb.

I’m hoping for more in part 2. Perhaps a new love interest for Caleb, because the other female, Becky, is not a good choice for him either. Despite the HFN ending, I think it needs part 2 to make it whole.

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♥ Author ♥

This is something different from Sky Corgan. I will stick it out till the end, but I prefer her more naughtier tales.

Sky Corgan has 50 Audio Titles

♥ Narrator(s)♥

Arthur J. Hoyt performed the four points of view well. Only time he ran into issue was when the two males were conversing with one another. One seemed to come out derpy. The females were excellent, especially for a male narrator.

Arthur J. Hoyt has 05 Audio Titles

Revenge Games

Written by Sky Corgan

Read by Arthur J. Hoyt

Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited.
Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review.

Review: Dirty Promotion by Sky Corgan

My ReviewsNot what it first seems.

Dirty Promotion is a Standalone by Sky Corgan.

Marie Smith narrates this title.

HEA, NO cheating, no cliffhangers!

Length: 4 hrs and 7 mins

Currently listed as Part of the Audible Romance Package.

Ebook currently free with Kindle Unlimited

♥ Story ♥

Christiana ❤ Xander

This one started in a much different place for me then where I ended up.

Dirty talk with wicked demands, makes for one spicy story! So if you don’t like sex, please pass.

“I only want you to ever be with one man, too.” … “Me.”

Xander Sanderlin

When the story firsts starts, I didn’t like our hero. I could not tell if Xan was just an A-hole, or if there was something more to him. Being an erotic story, it could go either way. I couldn’t tell if he was mocking the heroine and breaking her faith was a conquest thing for him (because that would be downright hateful) or if there was an actual non-sinister reason for his actions.

I can’t really comment more without spoiling something. I will leave you with this kernel for thought: Xan is an A-hole, but let it all play out before you make your final judgment.

“Let me claim you. I’ll make you mine forever.”

Christiana Miller

I don’t know how she went from working on a farm to correcting scan tron test, but that’s what she does for a living, and it supposedly pays well. Does this job even really exist? Or, let me rephrase that, does this actually exist in the US?

Christiana is a self professed obsessive Christian, who’s an Amish outcast along with her mother. So of course she’s a virgin, but she needs the special promotion Xan offers her to pay her ailing mother’s doctor bills. Secretly, she likes his smexy attention, so it gets hot real fast.

“You’re killing me, Christiana. Your pussy is so wet and tight. I might die if you don’t let me in.”

This was, ‘need a fresh pair of undies when your done’, hot!

The ending will surprise you. It made me smile for sure.

Definitely worth the credit!

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♥ Author ♥

Another hot, sexy listen by Sky Corgan. Her titles so far have been hot and dirty, in the best ways! I keep wanting more.

Sky Corgan has 50 Audio Titles

♥ Narrator(s)♥

Marie Smith gave a good performance. Her female character was great, but the male could of used a little more polish to keep it consistent.

Marie Smith has 61 Audio Titles

Dirty Promotion

Written by Sky Corgan

Read by Marie Smith

Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited
Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review

Review: Misadventures of a City Girl

My ReviewsRecently divorced city girl meets a hunky mountain man!

Misadventures of a City Girl is part of a Multi Author Series of Spicy standalone romances. The order is different depending on which site you refer to, if any order is given at all.

Misadventures Series on Goodreads lists this as #2.
Misadventures Series on Audible lists this as #1.
Misadventures Series on it’s own website lists no order that I can see.

So read in any order you would like!

HEA with no cliffhangers!

There are 7 currently listed on Audible.

There are 4 currently listed as Part of the Audible Romance Package.

Jennifer Mack and Lance Greenfield narrate this title.

Length: 5 hrs and 55 mins

The Misadventures Series can also be found through your local library.
Refer to Overdrive for availability in your local area.

♥ Story ♥

Madison ❤ Luke

Two wounded souls come together in the most delicious way!

This is a SPICY story!

There is a lot of dirty talk and HOT action, so if you don’t like that kind of stuff, please pass.

If you DO like it, then please enjoy!

Madison Atwood

Looking for an escape from the paparazzi and tabloids after a very public divorce, Madison retreats to Avalon Springs. She is hoping to ‘find herself’ on the mountainside haven. What she finds is a hunky mountain man who helps her ‘find’ her sexy parts in the best way!

Luke Dawson

Wanting to avoid cities and large crowds has led Luke to live in his secluded cabin in the woods. When he finds Madison naked in his hot springs, he can’t help wanting her. A snow storm traps them inside together and their lust can no longer be denied.

Did I mention Sexy Times!


This was fan yourself good!
I think it went on a little too long and maybe could of done without the teary moment in the back half, but overall it worked. It gets a girl excited to listen to more. If you are like me and like some hot sexy fun times to go with good character driven stories, then this is a listen for you!

♥ Author ♥

This is my 1st read/listen by Meredith Wild and Chelle Bliss. Since this is a joint effort, I will have to rate them both the same, which is sexy hot! I loved the characters plus all the dirty talk and action! I will be looking into more from these ladies for sure.

Meredith has 18 Audio Titles

Chelle has 15 Audio Titles

♥ Narrator(s)♥

Jennifer Mack and Lance Greenfield alternate on this title by chapter point of view. They both did an excellent job with both story and character. I did prefer Lance’s voice when it came to Luke. Jennifer did a good job, which would of been great if she was solo on this. Unfortunately for her, Lance’s sexy gruff was just so much sexier. In an ideal world, when there are more than one narrator, the ‘voice’ of any character would be done by the same person regardless of point of view.

Jennifer has 25 Audio Titles

Lance has 48 Audio Titles

Misadventures of a City Girl

Misadventures Series

Written by Meredith Wild  AND Chelle Bliss

Read by Jennifer Mack  AND Lance Greenfield

Ebook obtained through My Local Library.
Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review

Review: Playing Without Rules (Men of Spring Baseball #1) by Rachelle Ayala

My ReviewsThe truth always has a way of finding the light.

Playing Without Rules is Book 1 of 4 in the Men of Spring Baseball Series by Rachelle Ayala.

There are currently only 2 available in audio, but the rest are due soon!

Tor Thom and Charley Ongel narrate the series.
(They are an awesome duo!)

HEA with no cliffhangers!

Being the first in the series, this could be read as a standalone. I personally would suggest starting with the novella.

Length: 4 hrs and 23 mins

Content Advisory:
Author’s Heat rating is Steamy: Sex and lovemaking shown with naughty words for body parts. Love and lust intertwined, but couple is monogamous.

♥ Story ♥

This is a tale of second chances. If you are into those kinds of tales, then you are going to like this. As a mom, I can relate to wanting whats best for your child. I didn’t quite agree with some of Marcia’s actions, but could understand the logic behind her choices.

Marcia ❤ Brock


Marcia Powers told a lie four years ago over a miscommunication and has been running from it ever since, despite never leaving her small town. The holes she digs for herself just keep expanding, as all lies do. Bianca is the one that truly suffers in the wake of her mother’s delusions of grandeur.


Brock Carter did what the love of his life asked of him and left town to pursue his baseball career. He wanted to make himself worthy of her heart. Now he’s back, and determined to claim his dream, but Marcia doesn’t want him to have anything to do with her or her “little sister”. A child that just happens to be close in age to the time frame he left town, but that thought never occurs.

I had more feels for Brock and the other members of Marcia’s family than I did for her. She is a sloppy stack of pancakes on a good day, and she is a bit of a hypocrite. Luckily, the extra personalities balances everything out. There is a sneak peak at the end for Book 02, Playing Catch and it is quite amusing. I can’t wait!

Audio Sample from Audible

♥ Author ♥

Rachelle Ayala really brings the drama with this story! But don’t fret fans, there is hot steamy goodness too.

Rachelle has 21 Audio Titles.

♥ Narrator(s)♥

This whole series is voiced by one of the best duos out there! Tor Thom & Charley Ongel deliver again! Their performances make you love a character as much as you want to smack them for being an idiot.

Tor has 19 Audio Titles

Charley has 28 Audio Titles

Playing Without Rules

Men of Spring Baseball Series

Written by Rachelle Ayala

Read by Tor Thom & Charley Ongel

Ebook obtained through the Kindle Store
Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review

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