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Action And Steam, With A Whole New Series.

The action was good and the story was steamy. It was a great start to a new Science Fiction Romance series. It’s not listed as an erotic series, but might as well be, given what the stories are mostly about at their core. Each book focuses on one of the crew taking a mate. And they all give a “Contains mature themes” warning.

Cathian’s needs are a bit intense and as he is the only one of his species on board the ship, it makes for a rather unique situation. He is the captain of an ambassador ship that affords him certain privileges, however he runs it with ❤, for his crew is the family he has chosen rather than of blood. There is a lot of smexy times to be had, but it is surrounded by lots of action, witty banter, and cleverness.

So excited to get to listen to Laurann Dohner’s work.

Narration was great. Callie did well with both genders and the various species of aliens.

Overall I am very excited for this new series and can’t wait to binge the rest of it!

I listened through Audible Escape.


(Vorge Crew, Book 1)

By: Laurann Dohner

Performed by: Callie Dalton

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(The Company, #1)

By: Sarina Bowen

** Release date: Oct 22, 2019 **

** There is not currently an audiobook for this title, but I really hope one comes because this sounds like a really good story! 🤞 **



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Misadventures with a Country Boy

(Misadventures, #17)

By: Elizabeth Hayley

** Release date: Dec 04, 2018 **


⇒⇒ There is an audiobook version of this title that can be found on Audible, as well as some of the other membership sites.  ⇐ ⇐ 



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Overnight Service

(Always Satisfied, # 3)

By: Lauren Blakely

** Release date: Oct 30, 2019 **

** There is not currently an audio version of this title, however, it is my belief that an audiobook will soon follow. The series so far has made it’s way onto Audible, so be sure to keep an eye out. **



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