Reading Order: New England Furies Series

New England Furies Series

by Nicola R. White

The Main Couple can be displayed by selecting the symbolAll of the names can be found in the book blurb so it should not be a spoiler, but if for some reason you really do not want to know, then don’t press the ➕ symbol.

Last Updated: 08/07/2018

Order #TitleAuthorAudio ??HEA Couple
1.00 Fury's Kiss
Nicola R. WhiteAudiobook Tara Walker ❤ Jackson Byrne
The Official Fury's Kiss Companion
Nicola R. WhiteE-Book NA
Fury ScornedNicola R. WhiteE-Book Alex Hughes ❤ Tyler "Ty" Kelly
Venus Rising
Nicola R. WhiteE-Book Aphrodite ❤ Hephaestus
Something Blue
Nicola R. WhiteE-Book Tara & Jackson Wedding
Dark Fury
Nicola R. WhiteE-Book Rachel Underwood ❤ Ethan Graves
4.00The Fury BrideNicola R. WhiteE-Book Nora Katsaros ❤ Charon

Reading Order: New England Furies Series