About Me

I am a book lover with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that keeps me stuck at home or in a Dr.’s waiting room a lot so I consume a lot stories. I started reading Paranormal Romance in junior high when a small local used book store owner pointed them out to me and have been hooked ever since. They are fairy tales for grown-ups!

I prefer audio versions when I can get them because my vision doesn’t always cooperate with me. I like getting the eBook when available also to help with my website I am creating to help me keep up with the characters, worlds, and reading order of book series I read so I don’t get lost or confused and have to start over every year when the next book comes out.

I love a series that has a different character featured in each book but still keeps you updated on past characters. Those are the kinds of series I can truly get lost in. Those are the series that become like family.

I love a good solid happy ending! I hate false happy endings! I do not like the authors that subscribe to the better to of loved and loss theory. “He who shall not be named” infuriates me with this premise drawing you in thinking its going to have a happy ending just to kill off one of them in the end. NO SIR! If I am going to invest in a couple through the good times and bad then they better still both be alive and happy at the end! True love follows into hell and back and makes no excuses!

I am also a nerd to the core and love learning about anything I don’t know. I would love to have my own in home library one day.

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