Finding Audiobooks

There are many ways to go about obtaining audiobooks.

You can:

  1. Borrow them.
  2. Purchase them.
  3. Review for them.

There are tons of ways available that are not listed here and tons more to be discovered. I use all three of the above methods for my Audiobook Obsession! You can click one of the above options for more info on what I have tried personally and most likely am still using.

We’ve Come A Long Way Since Books On Tape …..

Finding audiobooks becomes easier everyday. Advances in technology make it so you do not even need to leave your computer to get the audiobooks you need.
(And, YES, I use the word NEED on purpose!) πŸ˜‰


The first and best place to start your search should always be your local library. Most have access to their inventory online. This is completely free, only costing the price of gas to go there and back. The public library is usually on your local bus line for those that do not have car. With many libraries going digital these days it may even be possible to complete all your checkout needs from your nearest computer.


Secondhand book stores can be found in most cities where you can pick up audiobooks at a discount. A quick internet search of your local area can often reveal a lot of hidden gems. Most used books stores do not tend to have many audiobooks available secondhand but it’s worth a shot. Living in many places across the US, I have found that there is usually at least one huge used media store that resales everything from video games, to books, to movies, and more. These stores usually have a descent amount of audiobooks.


One of the best and most overlooked sources for finding audio versions of books is to go straight to the publisher’s website. There you can usually purchase the title in CD or Audio Download format. At a minimum there will be links to where to purchase if it is not offered for sale onsite. I have snagged some great deals on these sites myself.


If you are an avid listener, like I am, a subscription services may be an ideal solution. These allows access to many titles for a small monthly fee. ***Warning: Do be aware of internet scams on this type of service. Be sure to do your research before you commit to any service.

Where I Find My Audiobooks:

I am a high yield listener and find that I get the most bang for my buck with my local library and subscription services.  I have been a member of these services for a good length of time and can fully recommend them as legit.



The Library

Kindle Unlimited