Review: Roping Your Heart (Riding Tall #2)

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Sometimes The Bad Brings Us The Good We Really Need!

This is book 2 of the Ridding Tall Series. It is my first of this series as I have not read any of the others.

♥ Story ♥
19 years ago Cat Hayden left her home and heart behind for greener pastures. As we all know, the grass is rarely greener on the other side. Cat finds herself back home to care for her aging grandmother, with a new face and a new outlook. Her love from the past, Blake McBride, is still around but now with battle scars of his own as well as a teen daughter. Despite their past misadventures, the love they felt for each other never left their hearts.

Many obstacle get in the couples way. Some that makes your heart hurt for them and some that make you want to crawl through the page and punch a bitch in the face. The ex is a despicable person that will provoke the beast in you, just be warned.

♥ Author ♥
This is my first read by Cheyenne McCray. She is definitely good at writing the villains, cause I really wanted to stab one of them with a fork. I would for sure read another work from this author and more than likely the next one will be another in this series.

♥ Narrator(s) ♥
David Quimby’s voice works perfectly for a western. It has that raw edge to it that just sounds rugged with a layer of dust or dirt you would see on the clothing of a cowboy.

The ebook can be found through your local library. It may need to be recommended through the overdrive system.

Roping Your Heart

Written by Cheyenne McCray

Read by David Quimby

Ebook obtained through Overdrive

Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review