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Quickies: All Jacked Up

The Sheriff’s Sexy Vet Brother!

This is actually the third book in series, but…. it is listed as a standalone so I would like to eventually listen to the first 2 books. Personally, I found that distracting for the first half of the book with some questions never really getting addressed. They most likely were covered in book #2 about the sheriff, since a lot of those unknowns revolve around him. 🤷

This story is an excellent example of Murphy’s Law for Universal Truths. Jack and Avery have many interesting happenings from start to finish. Some are humorous, some are frustrating, with some being down right cringe worthy. All led to an entertaining end to what is actually a trilogy of standalones. 

I would of liked to of heard some of the steamy scenes that were only referenced after the fact. For those that like smexy, but less descriptive and with good characters, then this is a definite listen.

This is my first time with author Mysti Parker. She presented great characters I enjoyed. Anyone who can include both special needs animal rescue and a potty mouth parrot has my vote! 😉

Meghan Kelly is not new to me. Her male voices could use some work, but I appreciated how she stayed in Jack’s “voice” while in his POV. Not all narrators do this.

I had to adjust the playback speed to improve the production. I listened at 1.10x speed.

All Jacked Up

(Beach Pointe, Book 3)

By: Mysti Parker

Performed by: Meghan Kelly

Audiobook obtained at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review.


Quickies: Shifters Forever: Boxed Set

Great Box Set, Hope There Is More!

This is a complete set of stories for the first paranormal series by Elle Thorne. There are many more spin-offs in the same world, but it all started with this one. It is also the first to be in audio. It’s a great value for your credits.

The world building is vivid and believable. The mythology is important as it sets up a little of everything that is and will come to be in the future titles.

There are a few times I wish I could of had just one more chapter or an epilogue with details of something mentioned in the last chapter, but I believe that is by design. It may not be the current series, but it will eventually come full circle.

This was my first experience with this author, but I definitely want more. I have already purchased the next box set.

Meghan Kelly’s performance was solid as always. Book #6 had more males in a conversation than I think she has voices for, but it wasn’t too distracting. Normally her male to female ratio of voices is spot on.

I didn’t notice any issues with the audio production. I listened at 1.00x speed.

Shifters Forever: Boxed Set

(Books 1-6)

By: Elle Thorne

Performed by: Audrey Lusk

** Boxed Set through Audible **

My Reviews

Quickies‎: Dirty Fake Fiancé

A Hottie, A Fake Fiance, A Psycho, & A Wedding.

A wedding cruise + a hottie, a fake fiance, and a psycho.

What could possibly go wrong? 

Sky Corgan excels at steamy novellas, and this one didn’t disappoint. A great fake fiance stand-alone. There is a lot of story for only 2 hours. Danny’s ex needed to be committed. Seriously

Megan had some trouble maintaining the accents, especially with the males. She makes up for it by having clear distinguishment between the various characters. 👍

Available free through the Audible Romance Package

Review: The RED Wolf (Werewolves On HEAT #02) by Ellie Valentina

My ReviewsHeat, Heart, And Secrets!

The RED Wolf is #02 of 03 in Werewolves On Heat Series by Ellie Valentina.

Meghan Kelly narrates the series.

HEA with No cliffhangers!

These are all in the same world, however I have yet to find any other connections. As of now, reading them as standalones should be OK.

Length: 4 hrs and 47 mins

Content Advisory:
There is sex, so if that bothers you then you should avoid.

Ebook currently free with Kindle Unlimited

♥ Story ♥

I was not able to find any direct character, location, or group connections between books one and two. If anyone has other info on that, please let me know. Both have werewolves as well as the heroine having majorly F*d up family situations. Josephine’s family life is not as heart breaking as Ava’s, but just as suspenseful.

Josephine ❤ Edward

Josephine Lancaster had a one night stand at her BFF’s wedding that left behind a gift of its own. Before she could process that fact, her father let drop his plans to be marry her to his much older business partner for better financial gain. Horrified, Josie ran and ended up getting a job with the last person she could of imagined, the father of her baby. Despite her bravery in avoiding a sham of a marriage, she turns into a big chicken when it comes to telling her baby-daddy the truth.

Edward Jake Hunter has secrets and trust issues of his own. After being used and manipulated for his gifts in the past, he is suspicious of most. Jake owns a construction business and is in desperate need of a new assistant, and is shocked to find the beautiful wedding fling as a potential hire. He wants her as much as before, but has reservations. Being the most qualified, he has no choice but to hire her. He knows she is hiding something, but is hoping its not as sinister as past experiences.

One might think they know how this is going to play out, but you would be wrong. The RED Wolf is so much more. There are several twist you won’t see coming. The secrets flow out at the speed of molasses, which can be a bit frustrating. It pays off if you can hold on and you will be left on the edge of your seat in the interim. There is heat and heart, and you won’t be disappointed. I was hoping for a side character to be the focus of the third book, but sadly, I don’t think that is the case. Maybe one will show up in a future book or spin-off series. Fingers crossed! 🤞

Audible Audio Sample

♥ Author ♥

Ellie Valentina writes some hot shifter stories. Hoping for more from this world. Lots of secondary characters to explore!


♥ Narrator ♥

Meghan Kelly brings the drama and the love with her performance. She will also be narrating the next one too.


♥ Audio Production ♥

Normal speed was fine, but I found slightly slower sounded best. I listened at 0.95 speed. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

The RED Wolf

Werewolves On Heat Series

Written by Ellie Valentina

Read by Meghan Kelly

Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited.

Audiobook obtained at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review.

Review: Timeless Whisper (Timeless Hearts #1) by Sandra E. Sinclair

My ReviewsSometimes Righting A Wrong Takes Time(Travel).

Timeless Whisper is a Connected Standalone by Sandra E. Sinclair, that is part of the multi-author series Timeless Hearts.

Meghan Kelly narrates.

HEA, NO cheating, no cliffhangers!

Even though these are set to be standalones, they tend to be connected by author. Case in point, the characters in the three stories written by Sandra E. Sinclair are connected. #1 is about Raven, #5 is about her best friend Torin, and #9 is her cousin Emily. So I would advise to read these 3 in order to get the most out of the experience.

Length: 3 hrs and 18 mins

Content Warning: This is pretty PG.

♥ Story ♥

This is a time travel series based in the town of Heartsbridge, Texas. There is a portal there from the past to the present or vice versa, whichever way you want to look at it. There is a prequel to the series that can be obtained for free through Amazon that breaks it down, but that is the most important part to note. That and there is a woman manning each end of this portal that look the same because they are of distant family relation.

Raven ❤ Lance

Raven Eyez leaves Heartsbridge, Texas only to return for close to the same reason years later. The stress of everything is getting to her because the voices she is hearing makes her feel like she is on the verge of a mental break. Stopping by a dinner from her past causes a flood of memories and more voices. Exhausted from the stresses of her life, she passes out on a coach in the backroom only to awaken to something different. It takes a bit for Raven to realize that the town she is in and the Lance that is in front of her are not just different in location and personality.

The writing was witty, but I feel that Lance’s empath ability was underused. The time travel elements are clever and believable. The characters are endearing and make you want more, so you can find out what happens to everyone else. Once you start you are going to want the other two, so go ahead and get them now.

Audio Sample from Audible

♥ Author ♥

Sandra E. Sinclair is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and I am looking forward to more.

Sandra has 13 Audible Titles.

♥ Narrator(s) ♥

Meghan Kelly’s performance was excellent. There were clear distinctions between her male and female characters.

Meghan has 156 Audible Titles

Timeless Whisper

Timeless Hearts Series

Written by Sandra E. Sinclair

Read by Meghan Kelly

Ebook obtained through my local library system.

Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review

Review: In Debt to the King (Shifter Fight League #1)

My ReviewsHot tiny taste!

In Debt to the King is #01 of the 05 part Shifter Fight League Series by Mina Carter.

Currently only #01 is in audio

Meghan Kelly narrates the series.

This is a continuing story.

These are connected by characters and story arc. If read as standalones, there would be spoilers for the earlier ones.

Length: 29 mins

Content Advisory:
There is HOT sex and dirty talk, all kinds of “C“, “P“, & “F” words were used. YUM!

♥ Story ♥

This title is super short but it defiantly wets the apatite for more!

Zara Hunter is in a bind. Her father ran off with the money she owes Reese and it’s A LOT. She fears for her and her bother’s life and is prepared to beg if that’s what keeps them both alive. She isn’t prepared for the payment he requests!

Logan Reese controls all the shifter fight clubs in the city and not someone you want to make an enemy of. He is prepared to crack some skulls until he comes face to face with Zara. She makes his Lion purr! Logan doesn’t just want her, he NEEDS her! He makes her an offer she can’t refuse and HOT times ensue! My only complaint is that the rest is not in audio yet.

Audio Sample from Audible

♥ Author ♥

This is my 1st read/listen by Mina Carter, and it was SMEXY! Looking forward to more.

Mina has 04 Audio Titles

♥ Narrator(s)♥

Meghan Kelly did an awesomely HOT job! Very sexy!

Meghan has 148 Audio Titles

In Debt to the King

Shifter Fight League Series

Written by Mina Carter

Read by Meghan Kelly

Ebook obtained through Scribd
Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review

Review: The HOT Wolf (Werewolves On Heat #1)

My ReviewsHot Werewolf Indeed!

The Hot Wolf is #01 of 03 in Werewolves On Heat Series by Ellie Valentina.

Currently only #01 & #02 are in audio, but there are plans for #3 to follow.

Meghan Kelly narrates the series.

HEA with no cliffhangers!

These are connected by characters and story arc. If read as standalones, there would be spoilers for the earlier ones.

Length: 5 hrs and 33 mins

Content Advisory:
There are some sex references and scenes, but no “C” words were used.

Ebook currently free with Kindle Unlimited

♥ Story ♥

Ava ❤ Chase

The Hot Wolf starts with a bang, quite literally!

The action doesn’t stop there, it carries on throughout the whole story. It all comes around full circle leaving you with a happy tear at the end.

​“I only remember his eyes,” Ava had insisted then. “His eyes were hazel, but the most amazing green and goldish brown mixture I have ever seen.”


Ava Sparks is an orphan taken in by Drake and Sandra Sparks at age 10, to which she was promptly put into training to be a werewolf assassin. She is on a job at the beginning of the story that doesn’t go as planned. The damage manages to knock some memories loose that she cannot account for. All of these events set her on the path to her future, just not quite the way she had envisioned!

Audio Sample from Audible


Chase Elliot is gorgeous, a billionaire, and a werewolf. He is Ava’s “Hail Mary Pass” of a job to get back into her parents good graces. Once they lock eyes though, all bets are off! Neither one is ready to let go of the other, but secrets can only keep for so long before they have to deal with the reality of the situation.

“From the ashes of hate sprung great love.”

All is not as it seems,and the twists are crazy good! The truth can hurt though when you are left with the quilt of your actions. Rufus will make you laugh. The horse falls asleep standing in the street! Seriously! I can’t wait to continue this series.

“Rufus is an excellent mount, and he loves a pretty woman.”

♥ Author ♥

This is my 1st read/listen by Ellie Valentina, and if I wasn’t already hooked by the end of the book, she would of clinched it with that last bit about the senator’s son! Looking forward to more.

Ellie has 13 Audio Titles

♥ Narrator(s) ♥

Meghan Kelly gave a solid performance. Her pace was good, keeping up with the energy of the scene.

Meghan has 148 Audio Titles

The HOT Wolf

Werewolves On Heat Series

Written by Ellie Valentina

Read by Meghan Kelly

Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited
Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review

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