Audiobooks Have Come to the Google Play Store

Audiobooks are on Google Play

You would think that this was already a thing, but then you would be thinking wrong.

Up until these past few days, auidobooks were not an option in the google play store. As audiobooks continue to gain popularity, I wonder if it will be a trending thing for all sites that currently do not offer the audio counterpart to their ebook offerings. 

This is NOT subscription service!

All purchases are A-La-Carte!

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Audible’s 20 Years of Listeners Freebie

It’s Audible’s Birthday, and they are giving US presents!


There is still time to get the freebie offered today.

Brave New World is free until 11/1/17 11:59 PM PST. So if you want it, get it now!
I will post more about this event soon, but wanted to make sure anyone who wanted to get the FREE Audiobook, knows to do it RIGHT NOW!!