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Misadventures with a Country Boy

(Misadventures, #17)

By: Elizabeth Hayley

** Release date: Dec 04, 2018 **


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Review: Misadventures of a Virgin (Misadventures #1) by Meredith Wild

A Smexy Hot Mess of a Story!

Misadventures of a Virgin is #01 in the Misadventures Series by Meredith Wild.

This series is written by many different authors.

Jennifer Mack and Brian Pallino narrates.

HEA with No cliffhangers!

This is a DMC Series: (Different Main Couple/Character Series). They are ALL standalones, so you can read these in any order.

Length: 6 hrs and 36 mins

Content Advisory:
High Heat! There is lots of sex, with some light bondage and spanking.

More information can be found on the official Misadventures Website.

This is very Steamy! A childhood crush becomes an adult second chance love story.


June ❀ Kase


June Bell had a moment with her long time crush in high school. She had planned to lose her V-card to him, but an interruption left her waiting and wanting. Her crush left without a goodbye for college and she has been in a holding pattern ever since. She claims its because she has been busy helping her father run the family business, but we all know she is in denial. When she finds out her crush is back from college and looking to deal with his own family’s legacy, she makes a b-line to confront him. June arrives just in time for a Darcy like scene at the lake. Yum! She gets roped into a bargain for the land her dad has been wanting for years. A hidden picture she finds while packing stirs the pot of lies she didn’t even knew existed. The story’s roller coaster picks up speed from there and it gets so much yummier!

Kase McCasker has been drawn to the girl next door since grade school. It was a bit of a love, hate relationship given that their parents were rivals. His world blew up before he could claim her, and he escaped to college to forget. Now 4 years later and home, he finds out that June is still in the same ‘condition’ he left her in. He concocts a plan to save his home with the added benefit of claiming whats his. Kase has secrets that will put his new found joy to the test with an outcome I wasn’t quite expecting.

The family issues is what makes this whole story a hot mess. A little bit of honesty on everyone’s part could of prevented a lot of strife, but then hind sight is 20/20. I can’t say much more without spoiling it for you, but just know its way crazier then whatever you are currently thinking. The smexy times were HOT, and there were some laughs and some surprises. Really can’t beat that in a romance tale. You can probably find this through your local library but if not, it’s worth the credit.


Audio Sample

Meredith Wild produced an ending I didn’t see coming. Bravo! I really do love this ‘series’ of standalones. I know she doesn’t write them all but she is responsible for them making it to the market. πŸ‘

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Jennifer Mack delivers great male and female character voices. It’s not quite fair to compare her to the male narrator of this story since they rotate chapters. A true duet would of been better, because both performers were excellent.

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First time listening to Brian Pallino. Hopefully its not my last, because damn he sounds sexy!

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Normal speed was fine, however I listened at 0.90x. It is my personal preference.

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