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Got Your Star Wars Tickets Yet?

I Do!


Going to be relaxing back in a Luxury Lounger via Cinemark Theaters.

It’s the best way to go. It is the most comfortable theater seat at a general admission price! You also get to book your exact seat. No more stress over getting a good spot or for your whole group to be able to sit next to each other.

This movie is totally taking over the whole cinema on the 19th. Starting a 6 pm it will literally be on every  screen in hour/half hour increments.

There is a fan event @ 5 that gives you a pin and a popcorn, but completely sold out though near me. There is a marathon of all the other 8 movies leading up to the 5 pm showing. They give you a themed blanket and some food but, that’s a really big commitment. The Disney+ streaming service will be active by then and you will be able to that from the comfort of home.

Star Wars

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Thursday, Dec. 19th

Advance tickets on sale at pretty much EVERY theater.

May the Force Be With You!


Actually Claimed an Originals Selection

I have found the new addition of Audible‘s two free Originals very underwhelming.

I wish you could pick ANY Audible Original not just 1 of the 5 they select, because there are several that I would choose if that was an option.

I actually did claim one this month. Not for sure if I’m going to like it, but the people involved are pretty hilarious.

More Bedtime Stories for Cynics

Presented by Nick Offerman



What an Adventure!

So, after weeks of limbo, a long road trip (with cats), and a snow storm, I’m back!

I’m finally in my home!


I still need to get things delivered, installed, unpacked, and the snow is due to return soon, but for now the internet is working and my computer is mostly back together. 

Look for my reviews and website updates to come more steadily now. 🤞



I Wasn’t Abducted By Aliens!


Bummer, I know!

I kinda feel like I was though.


My one and only baby left for dorm life in college, and oh what an adventure getting her moved in was.


We are selling our current home

to buy our new home,

which is almost complete and I would 💗 to be spending Xmas there.

However, we can’t get there until we sale the one we are currently in.

This is very stressful in case you want to know.

Not to mention sometimes dangerous.
I seem to have a knack for pulling stuff down on my head.  And the injury to my eye was very uncomfortable in the healing process.  You can’t really put ointment on it. 

Not to mention the aches and pains that come with the territory of packing and moving in general.

Since the house is still on the market, we are tweaking the things where we can, with the no budget we have. As well as sorting and packing what’s still left.


Audible has updated their review platform, which will allow me to do mini reviews right after I finish a title, instead of just rating.

I’m super excited about this!

Going to be doing Quickies!

Then I can go back and update the mini review with a longer full review.

Thanks for all the complementary titles! They are really getting me through this crazy time.


Audiobooks Have Come to the Google Play Store

Audiobooks are on Google Play

You would think that this was already a thing, but then you would be thinking wrong.

Up until these past few days, auidobooks were not an option in the google play store. As audiobooks continue to gain popularity, I wonder if it will be a trending thing for all sites that currently do not offer the audio counterpart to their ebook offerings. 

This is NOT subscription service!

All purchases are A-La-Carte!

50% off promotional offer
check the store

Offer ends March 18, 2018 to activate the coupon after which you will have up to March 25, 2018 to use it. Valid in United States only.

Sorry for the mini absence!

Sorry for the mini absence, I’ve been having a pity party. 🙁

MUCH THANKS to all my narrator & author friends out there for your generous contributions to my audio habit, it got me through the worst of it. 💞
You are loved! 😘

On a positive note, I will have lots of reviews & read a longs to post!

Wish I could connect my brain to my computer and just think my reviews and it would type and code for me!


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