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Quickies: Dragon Baby

Having The Hot Boss’s Baby!

More of a deeply annoyed, than an enemies to lovers story, with a paranormal twist. Although this is book #5 in the Night and Day Ink Series, it can totally be read as a standalone. If you are reading in order, several characters from the earlier stories make cameos.

Thane Dreki is actually a silent partner in the company who is needed to step up and help out since all the main players are essentially on their honeymoon. Oh, and he is a Dragon! Yumm! He comes with a mix of baggage you’ll discover along the way, but the most important to note is that there is a cut off period to mate or he’ll die.

Lily Cruz is yet another one of the tiger cousin working within the company. She finds herself temporarily acting as Thane’s assistant because of those same honeymoon issues, even though that is not anywhere near her job duties. She has baby fever just like the other she-cats, but does NOT want a wolf shifter baby-daddy, or perhaps even a shifter at all. She has enough drama llama baggage from her fox shifter ex-husband.

snowSnow Changes Everything!
… Ok, not just the snow, but that’s where it all starts!😊

A lot of story is packed into this 3.5 hr audiobook. Lots of smexy times and a HEA. This can be listened to for free through the Audible Escape program.

I don’t know if there are any more books planned for this series, or perhaps a spin-off. I would really love to hear Saxon’s HEA story! I sent a message to the author to see if I could get some more info. I will post if I hear anything!

β™₯ Author/Narrator β™₯

Author Milly Taiden writes mostly short stories with a paranormal flavor βž• Smexy. She is great about giving content warnings, so please read them before selecting this title.

** MT gives this following Listener’s note: This is one sexy, sweet story about a man who needs a mate to survive and a woman who wants a family. There’s action, drama, and lots of bad words and hot sex. If that’s not your thing, keep it moving. If you like that stuff, check this baby out!

This story is performed by Lauren Sweet, who also narrates most of MT’s catalog. Overall she does a great job, but there were some accents that were not right to me. It was side characters and less than a chapter worth of dialog, so easy enough to get through.

β™₯ Audio Production β™₯

Original speed seemed a bit fast to me. I listened @ 0.95 speed. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Dragon Baby

(Night and Day Ink, #5)

By: Milly Taiden

Performed by: Lauren Sweet

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Shifter Paw!


Quickies: The Ridge Brothers Bear Shifters: Boxed Set

Dominant Alfa Shifters And Their Fated Mates.

This is a complete set of stories for the Ridge Brothers Bear Shifters Series by Olivia T. Turner. These are also available individually, but this box set makes for a great value for your credits.

The series takes place during modern day, with a slight variation. Shifters are not a secret, but I get the impression it is not exactly a well known thing either. The fated mate plays heavily and is instant. These dominant males are very possessive, if not obsessed with their mates. Lots of insta lust/love. If that kind of details offends you, then you might want to pass.

I could of done without all the “virgins”, and some of the violence that is a bit over the top. I was left with a few logistical questions, but not that big of a deal for such short stories. There are great epilogues for each story, with the last book having the best.

This was my first listen by Olivia T. Turner, but I am open to more. I have already added some of her single titles to my library.

Cassandra Myles, Noel Harrison, Jack Stella, Meg Sylvan, Beth Roeg, Tristan James, Tor Thom, Lauren Sweet, all contributed performances to this box set. There is going to be someone you like more, but everyone is solid.

Audiobook obtained at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review.

The Ridge Brothers Bear Shifters: Boxed Set

(Ridge Brothers Bear Shifters, Books 1-4)

By: Olivia T. Turner

Performed by: Cassandra Myles, Noel Harrison, Jack Stella, Meg Sylvan, Beth Roeg, Tristan James, Tor Thom, Lauren Sweet,

** Boxed Set through Audible **

My Reviews

Review: Her Purrfect Match byΒ Milly Taiden

My Reviews

I love this Series!

I have listened to most of this series, and I have to say I love it! So I am revising my old reviews as I get ready to add it to my blog’s read a long with me. Find it Here

I originally rated this a 4, but I have to bump it up to 5, because I truly love this series!

The narrator initially bugged me a little because her female characters all tended to sound winey in pitch, but after a while, you don’t really notice as much. You just get used to it. I want to say that Lauren Sweet narrates everything Milly Taiden writes. I own a lot of her stuff, so she is like a member of my family I hear her so much. Her general reading voice is good for the non-character parts.
This is a short read like a novella. Most of the reviews mentioned this was a short read, so I went in thinking of it as a short read. Some might feel disappointed in the length, but it has all the parts it needs to make the story great. Sometimes I prefer a short read because it gets straight to the point and more importantly straight to the sex.

This is book #3 in the Paranormal Dating Agency series. Although these are all connected they can easily be read as a stand-alones. Each new book either the lady looking for love or the shifter she is being set up with knows the people from the last book in some form or fashion. In this book Talia Barca aka Tally from book #1 is in it at the beginning as friend to the main character Lyss. She is introducing Lyss to the Gerri Wilder who is the match making genius and owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency. The couple from book #2 are referenced indirectly but none of them being mentioned by name.

Gerri Wilder is the definitive connection for all the books! She is a shifter herself, and might as well be ageless. She has many tricks up her sleeve as well as some strange magic, so heaven only knows how old that lady really is. Gerri has a gift for knowing a person’s mate. She is pretty secretive as to the extent of her gift, but I’m fairly sure she sees and knows way more than she will ever tell. It’s one of those things where you wonder if it was really an accident or a coincidence or was is a Gerridence? lol

This book finds Alyssa Moran [AKA] Lyss tired of dating losers but determined not to end up being a lonely cat lady. She wants love and kids and willing to try dating out of her species if Gerri can make it happen for her. Lyss has to travel out of town to meet her shifter date so Gerri makes arrangements for the weekend. After major car trouble along the way she is literally run in to by her potential suitor although I don’t know if Lyss ever realizes it. Grayson Green knows he wants her the moment he sets eyes on her but doesn’t know his loyal guards have set this whole meeting in motion. Gray is a Tiger shifter who does not believe in love but who needs a mate and some cubs ASAP to keep from having to battle for his position as the pride leader.

The physical chemistry between these 2 is electric and steamy with lots of sex and even when they are not having sex there is lots of talking about the sex they plan to have later. I do have to say though for a man that is desperate need of cubs, he seems to be a bit too preoccupied with anal sex. I guess he doesn’t know how babies are made.

These books are BBW in nature. I did not select them for that characteristic nor do I read that genre specifically either. I am familiar with what reviewers have slammed some books for in this genre and feel that these books should meet with one’s needs if they do like this category of fiction.

I personally just love paranormal romance series and a good deal on price as I am a massive consumer. Although these books focus on larger ladies with curves, they do not belittle others that are not of the curvy variety, which I have unfortunately seen before. These books encourage being happy with what you got and not letting others tell you that you deserve crap relationships because you are not what they would deem as the ideal body type.

I got this through Amazon and Audible by using my Kindle Unlimited account to get the ebook for free and then the audio through Audible for the discounted price for having the ebook. It is a great way to go if you want to get some good deals on audiobooks.

Her Purrfect Match

Written by Milly Taiden

Read by Lauren Sweet

Review: Her Purrfect Match by Milly Taiden