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Lynsay Sands is the author of one of my favorite series, The Argeneau Series. She has a good mix of mythology, action, and humor that make for an excellent read with endearing characters you just can’t get enough of. If you read her bio, you will see she has a lot in common with Lucern Argeneau to the point you really wonder how much of that story is fiction. You will get that connection once you have gotten to book three in that series. She got her start in historical romances, which she still writes, but has since branched out with both Contemporary and Paranormal romances.


Most of her earlier books were stand alone titles so it does not effect her series. Most of those have been reissued and an audio version created around that same time. The novellas that are included in anthologies are not all available in audio but most of those are stand alone titles that are not part of any particular series. To date, there is only 1 novella that is part of a series that is not in audio which is a pretty awesome for those that prefer to listen.


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