Breakdown: Hell Ryders MC Series

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Last Updated: 01/15/2020

Hell Ryders MC Series

by J.L. Sheppard

NameNickname1st BookHEA BookMembership Family RelationsAgePhysical DescriptorsOther Misc. InfoMy Predictions
Alyssa Holden"Allie", “Classy” Running Wild (1.00) Running Wild (1.00) Sister of Member/ Claimed by MemberTyler's SisterCuss calls her “Miracle” because she can calm Armywanted to be a teacherPublished
Jace Warren “Trigger”, “Trig”Running Wild (1.00) Running Wild (1.00) MemberDella's Uncle, Tina's Older Brotherdark eyes, dark brown hair, scar on the side of his lip was a sniper in the ArmyPublished
Tiffany Hamilton"Tiff"Running Wild (1.00) Running Hot (2.00)Claimed by MemberPublished
Thomas Layne“Cuss”Running Wild (1.00) Running Hot (2.00)Memberearly twentieshair so dark it looks midnight blueeyes sapphire-blue in colorPublished
Emelia Kenna“Em”Running Wild (1.00) Riding Blind (3.00) Claimed by MemberChip’s cousinPublished
Bryce Knight“Ripper”Running Wild (1.00) Riding Blind (3.00) MemberAlyssa refers to him as “Dead Eyes” Published
Dave Roth“Dodge”Running Wild (1.00) Running Hard (4.00) MemberCullen's Dad, soon to be EX to Lilliamhas a toddler with Lilliam
CullenCullenRunning Wild (1.00) Child of MemberDodge's Kid,
Alexa Millen"Lex"Running Wild (1.00) Running Hard (4.00) Claimed by MemberPublished
“Blaze”“Blaze”Running Wild (1.00) Secretaryblond, blue-eyed, and tallCurrent Club Secretary
“Mellow”“Mellow”Running Wild (1.00) Member
Running Wild (1.00) Member"brother couldn’t say anything without sarcasm"
BudBudRunning Wild (1.00) MemberAlyssa refers to him as “Tatted Chest”
ChipChipRunning Wild (1.00) It's ComplicatedEmelia’s cousinpresident of the rival motorcycle club, Chained Disciples MC
“Dash”“Dash”Running Wild (1.00) MemberAlyssa refers to him as “Tatted Sleeves”
DougDougRunning Wild (1.00) Freelance MemberP.I.
Running Wild (1.00) MemberMarried to Mia
His Nickname says it all
Running Wild (1.00) Membermid-twentieslong, dark hair
LilliamLilliamRunning Wild (1.00) Bannedsoon to be EX to Dodge
manipulative bitch, bad mother
LynnLynnRunning Wild (1.00) Claimed by MemberMarried to Wildsweet, blonde, pretty green eyes, soft smile,
Marcus“Prez”Running Wild (1.00) PresidentCurrent Club President
DellaDellaRunning Wild (1.00) Nieces of MemberTrig’s niece
Tyler Alexander Holden“Ty”, "Army"Running Wild (1.00) MemberAlyssa's BrotherAlmost 30Think he has a thing for Tina
Tina Tina Running Wild (1.00) Sister of MemberDella's Mom, Trig's sister
Think she will end up with Army
WyattWyattRunning Wild (1.00) NEVERAlyssa's Exlawyer, cheater, beater, rapist
Running Wild (1.00) MemberMarried to LynnGiven his name, I can guess his personality
“Firecracker”Running Wild (1.00) Claimed by MemberMarried to Stonepetite, brunette, curves, spunk.

Breakdown: Hell Ryders MC Series