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I decided I liked this layout a bit better than the last one. It seems more pleasing to the eye and easier to read and manage. Do let me know what you think of this layout.



This site is a running work in progress dedicated to my love of listening to audiobook romances. I love romance series and with my MS, reading a physical book is not always easy so that is where having an audio version is very helpful. I still like having an eBook version of the story to follow along with when possible and for taking my notes, which I always seem to loose. I devour stories at the rate of a book a day so it is hard to keep up with all the different series when a new book comes out. Some of theses series are very long running and to re-read the whole series every time would be time consuming. I always wished there was a site to help me jump back in that is similar to a wiki but easier to use. So I just made one myself. This is a way to quickly refresh yourself with the series you love once a new book comes out. I hope others find it as useful as I do.

Please note this site will always be “under construction” as I can’t stop listening to my stories. πŸ˜›

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