Got Your Star Wars Tickets Yet?

I Do!


Going to be relaxing back in a Luxury Lounger via Cinemark Theaters.

It’s the best way to go. It is the most comfortable theater seat at a general admission price! You also get to book your exact seat. No more stress over getting a good spot or for your whole group to be able to sit next to each other.

This movie is totally taking over the whole cinema on the 19th. Starting a 6 pm it will literally be on every  screen in hour/half hour increments.

There is a fan event @ 5 that gives you a pin and a popcorn, but completely sold out though near me. There is a marathon of all the other 8 movies leading up to the 5 pm showing. They give you a themed blanket and some food but, that’s a really big commitment. The Disney+ streaming service will be active by then and you will be able to that from the comfort of home.

Star Wars

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Thursday, Dec. 19th

Advance tickets on sale at pretty much EVERY theater.

May the Force Be With You!