Read Along With Me: A Different Kind of Cosplay Part 04

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@ Chapter 09

Sex, Sex, and More Sex! I can’t say that I agree with her choice and order for her top 5 but to each their own. Hawkeye would not of been my number one. Renner is an attractive man and I love him as an actor, but my number one was not even on her list!
My list order would be close to hers, minus Stark. My #5 would still be Banner in his human form, for much of the same reason Reese had. My #4 would be her #1 of Hawkeye although he could easily move up to #3 and exchange spots with Capitan. Our #2 spot is the same with Thor because Hemsworth is hot even with those extensions. My #1 was not on her list but has to be included. Hands down the #1 is the one and only Loki! Who would be in your top five and in what order?

A Different Kind of Cosplay

A Different Kind of Cosplay

Written by Lucy Felthouse

Read by Xanthia Bloom

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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