Read Along With Me: No Ordinary Billionaire Part 02

Read Along With Me @ Chapter 04

Talk about mind over matter!
Don’t think I could of did all that walking plus drive my car with glass in my foot.

I’d be hitting that center up at least weekly!

Girl, accept that peace offering!

Those little old ladies are going to hook you up Dante!
Can’t Wait!

I’ve never been able to get behind lobster rolls or crab cakes. Does anyone actually eat those things? People always talk about them in movies, books, and on TV, but never met anyone that has actually said that they love eating them.

Jarod was the one behind building the homes there and not Grady.
I thought it was Grady!

Chihuahua / Poodle

Link to info

Way to be a cock-blocker Jarod!
Hope Dante gets you back in your book!


@ Chapter 05

Come on guys!
Let the man get laid!

Then go get her Dante!

Finally, the birth order layout! Wasn’t quite what I thought it was.

Evan is 33
Grady 32
(The last book made he sound like the baby of the family)
Dante 31
Cockblocker Jared is 29
Hope is 27
(I did not peg her for the baby either, I guess their mom kept going till she got the girl, to whom she left behind with all the boys too, what an Asshole!)

Hope & Jason Sutherland’s HEA book is part of another series if you want to read/listen to that.
Link info here

Isn’t playing on schedule what she is actually doing by playing before bingo every week?
I’m just saying.

@ Chapter 06

If someone else interrupts this I’m going to scream!

Ok, the “I’m your doctor” bit is getting old like yesterday!
I want to run that record through an industrial shredder where there nothing but tiny slivers left so she can never put it back together.

No Ordinary Billionaire

Written by J. S. Scott

Read by Elizabeth Powers

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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