Read Along With Me: No Ordinary Billionaire Part 04

Read Along With Me @ Chapter 10


He doesn’t want you to pay him back, he wants to take care of you!

 Just let him! 


Um… Yeah… He’s your boyfriend!
You are just in denial!

Yeah, she may be analytical and thinking everything out, but she is still going to do something stupid.

I just feel it in my bones!

Why is Jarod so jaded?

I guess we will find out in the next book. #2 is Jarod’s.

@ Chapter 11

Beatrice and Elsie are a hoot!

I just love their little meddling hearts!

Dude, you know that everyone is right about giving opportunity for the attack.

It sucks, but if you want this to end, you are going to have to take the chance.


@ Chapter 13

Boy her mom is a piece of work!
I could see the want for her to marry well and to her mental level, but the comments about her scars were just mean, and so not what a mother should be saying to her daughter!

Makes me super angry!

Hope’s HEA is part of another series.

Billionaire Unmasked takes place between books 0.05 and 01 of The Sinclairs Series.

I’m so envious about the dance.

What is is about any kind of dancing that makes men the world over tremble in fear?

No Ordinary Billionaire

The Sinclairs Series

Written by J. S. Scott

Read by Elizabeth Powers

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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