Read Along With Me: The Beast of Bath Part 05

Read Along With Me

@ Chapter 13


Getting down and dirty back in the day was way more time consuming than it is portrayed in books and movies. To the author’s credit, she does have some realistic aspects added. In all honesty, a true telling of it would take at least a chapter to just get naked.

My stomach is in fits now for the secondary characters, for they are often sacrificial lambs in the story. From a writer’s side of the coin, I realize there has to be conflict and pain. As a reader, however, I don’t want to see anyone I like meet an untimely end.

What secondary character(s) have you lost in your readings of any story from any genre that has hurt the most?

The Beast of Bath

The Beast of Bath

Written by Chasity Bowlin

Read by Lillian Yves

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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