Read Along With Me: The Two-Night One-Night Stand Part 03

Read Along With Me
@ Chapter 06

Ok, maybe breast man isn’t her friend’s brother so she’s not an asshole, but I’m holding final judgement on that until we find out for sure.

The ghost comment was priceless!

Doctor hottie is adorkable and probably 10 times better than her original date! Yeah, he knew and didn’t say anything, but he made sure she had a good time. A really good time!

@ Chapter 07

Jane definitely has a filter issue!

I can’t tell if she is trying to push her brother off on her because she wants him to get out of her hair, or if she actually cares for either one of them.

Mathew is not faring much better and these people are supposed to be his loving family! Poor baby, you need a hug!

@ Chapter 08

So he is hot but a douche-bag! Pretty much what his sister Jane comes across as being, so she probably thinks he’s a great catch since she doesn’t realize what a douche-bag she is either.

Every time she says laser shark I can’t help but think of the character from the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Taserface! Sorry.

During the whole “incident” I was screaming in my head, “Go to Mathew’s Hospital!” because she has got it get back to him somehow.

The Two-Night One-Night Stand

Written by Ryan Ringbloom

Read by Tor Thom

Read by Charley Ongel

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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