Read Along With Me: The Two-Night One-Night Stand Part 05

Read Along With Me
@ Chapter 12

I will cut you!

Too Funny!

The Peen really is funny!

@ Chapter 13

I Told You So!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cinnamon Booze = Puke!

Inappropriate comment, yes, but it’s for the best, see above!

Poor adorkable Mathew, you really can’t win, can you? He just goes that one step too far.

— From one nervous gabber to another, more words make it worse, not better.

@ Chapter 14


The snow will keep you from getting away!


I’m seriously not a serial killer, just tired of this chick running from the truth!

Grape if my favorite scent and want his shampoo!

The Two-Night One-Night Stand

Written by Ryan Ringbloom

Read by Tor Thom

Read by Charley Ongel

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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