Read Along With Me: The Two-Night One-Night Stand Part 07

Read Along With Me
@ Chapter 20

Don’t lie Kent!

Every man has made a bad decision at least once in their life because their dick told them to!

@ Chapter 21

Stop it with the Cinnamon liquor!

Just Stop!

Who’s the nervous gabber now!

@ Chapter 22

Oh no you don’t Mr. Deep Voice Douche-bag!

He obviously f***ed up with his fiancé and has nowhere to live now.


I hate loser guys like that!

@ Chapter 23

I spent all of this chapter yelling for her to “Punch him in the throat!”

Gif above says it all!


@ Chapter 24


Glue that girls feet to the floor!

I loved it!

What did you think?

The Two-Night One-Night Stand

Written by Ryan Ringbloom

Read by Tor Thom

Read by Charley Ongel

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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