Review: Billionaire Seduction by Cynthia Mendoza

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The Elephant Prince, Part 1

Billionaire Seduction is part 1 of 2 of the The Elephant Shifter Prince, by Cynthia Mendoza.

Aster Breck narrates.

HFN ending

This is a 2 part story, so I recommend reading in order.

Length: 1 hour and 24 minutes

Content Warning: This does have sex, very little, but its there.

♥ Story ♥

This title is currently available as part of the Audible Romance Package.

This is short and not quite what I have come to expect from Cynthia Mendoza. As elephants are known to have prehensile male parts, I was expecting something interesting. That did not come to pass, as this is your standard shifter tale.

Kelly is on a romantic holiday, which is a last ditch effort to mend things with her rocker boyfriend. He is a cheater that apparently never got caught red handed and is good at making excuses. A freak accident lands Kelly in the hands of a prince who is taken with her in an instant. Of course! This story ends with a HFN ending, but it does continue in part 2, so you may want to go ahead and get the whole series now so you can easily go on to part 2! All parts are in the Audible Romance Package.

This was entertaining but feels a bit all over the place. A lot of stay or go conflict with no clear direction or emotion. You feel for Prince Chakrii, but feeling like Kelly deserves him is a bit harder. I am looking forward to part 2 and a better resolution than what is currently being presented.

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♥ Author ♥

Cynthia Mendoza writes a lot of short fiction, that is great when it is just a singular title, but I would recommend looking for the series in a whole collection, which are out there.


♥ Narrator(s) ♥

Aster Breck did well with all the characters voiced, both male and female.


Billionaire Seduction

The Elephant Shifter Prince

Written by Cynthia Mendoza

Read by Aster Breck

Ebook obtained through Library (Overdrive)

Audiobook obtained through Audible Romance Package