Review: His Bewildering Bride (Spicy Version)(Brides of Paradise Ranch #3) by Merry Farmer

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Mail-Order Brides of the West

Listed as “Spicy”, for there is a “Clean” version by a similar name for those that don’t want any kind of lusty thoughts or feelings in their reading. Historical Romance that is book 3 of the Brides of Paradise Ranch Series. It is my first of this series as I have not read any of the others.

♥ Story ♥
Mr. Haskell wants to encourage growth in the town he practically owns and is named after him, Haskell Wyoming. He has offered the men of Paradise Ranch a parcel of land and a home if they settle down and start a family. There is a shortage of brides available so a service to find them has been established.

Wendy Weatherford is a freed slave and a seamstress. She is happy to be one of these mail-order brides but when she arrives, her intended, Cody Montrose, is not happy that her ethnicity was not disclosed ahead of time. Of course the train has already left by this time leaving Miss Weatherford stranded. Cody’s brother, Travis Montrose, steps up and saves the day and takes his brother’s place as the groom.

Shortly after a challenge is leveled that pits Wendy’s skill as a seamstress against that of a Twat Waffle whose father is supposed to be Travis’s new boss. Needless to say that the apple didn’t fall very far from the entitled tree with that one. As the race to win a dress shop heats up, things get plum crazy.

There is a note at the end of the book about the timeline of things that happen in the book in relation to the rights of slaves. It answered the question I had while I listened. If you are not opposed to potential spoilers, it may help to read that first.

♥ Author ♥
This is my first read by Merry Farmer. She has done her research and is happy to share it which is helpful in explaining some of the aspects of a historical romance. She does a good job at writing about people that would have been considered less than by society at the time history she writes about. I like the characters in this story and would definitely want to read the rest of the series.

♥ Narrator(s) ♥
There are many people that need voicing in this story and Caroline McLaughlin does it well. When there are too many of the same gender speaking in the same scene, it does get a bit muddled but this doesn’t happen very often.

The ebook can be found through your local library. It may need to be recommended through the overdrive system.

His Bewildering Bride – Spicy Version

Written by Merry Farmer

Read by Caroline McLaughlin

Ebook obtained through Overdrive

Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review