Review: No Ordinary Billionaire byΒ J. S. Scott

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No Ordinary Billionaire is #01 of 07 in The Sinclairs Series by J.S. Scott. 1-6 are currently published and on Audible to listen to right now through the Unlimited program. #07 is currebtly a pre-order ebook with an expected publication of April 24th, 2018. I’m pretty sure the audio will be out about the same time, as usual.

Elizabeth Powers narrates the series thus far.

HEA with no cliffhanger!

This series is heavily connected by characters so I recommend reading the books in order. It is not only more enjoyable that way, but you will miss out on the little things, as well as spoil yourself on the earlier titles if you read them out of order.

Length: 8 hrs and 28 mins
20 chapters plus an epilogue

Warning: SEX!
Yes, both in thoughts and actions, so if you do not like sex, then you should avoid.

Trigger Warnings
There are attacks, hostage situations, as well as threats/attempts at rape.


β™₯ Story β™₯

Dante Sinclair ❀ Sarah Baxter

Book #01 is Dante’s story.

I think less than a full year has passed since book #0.05 The Billionaire’s Christmas. That one ended on New Years, and I don’t think it has cycled back around yet, but I could be wrong.

This story takes a dark turn in the middle that may make some people a bit unsettled. Don’t fret though, its not too bad and not the main overall focus. This is more a story of two pessimistic souls coming together.


Christ! It should have been me! Why wasn’t I standing where Patrick was standing when the shooter opened up and fired?

Dante Sinclair

The proverbial middle child, who despite being a billionaire, lives a blue collar life as a homicide detective in Los Angeles. A criminal’s temporary insanity leaves Dante severely injured and his partner dead. Dante has major Survivor’s guilt! He goes to his un-used house in Amesport to recover, where he makes the acquaintance of Sarah Baxter, his new doctor.

Of course he is immediately drawn to her.
And of course he wants to have sex with her.
Of course!

His sexy little doctor though, turns out to be a tough nut to crack.


Audio Sample from Audible

Sarah Baxter

A child prodigy, that never got to be a child. Boy is her mother a piece of work. She never let Sarah be a kid, so no dolls, no bike, no non-educational toys, no anything remotely fun! Her lack of understanding of general human interactions have left her feeling pretty lonely. Never fear dear lady. Dante is more than willing to show you how fun, is done!


β€œSometimes I like it rough, Sarah. I think you want that, too, or you wouldn’t have asked for it.”

The Sinclairs Series started as a story of 4 brothers, but don’t worry there always seems to be more somewhere in the family tree! No Ordinary Billionaire has a completed Read Along With Me so be sure to check that out as you read or listen.


“If a man or woman has the capability to murder, it’s already there.”

β™₯ Author β™₯

This is my 2nd read/listen by J.S. Scott, and I can’t wait to listen to the next one! I am loving her characters and want to see them all get HEAs.

J.S. has 43 Audible Titles


β™₯ Narrator(s) β™₯

This is my 2nd listen by Elizabeth Powers and she did a good job with story. The ‘wispers’ are getting better.

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No Ordinary Billionaire

The Sinclairs Series

Written by J.S. Scott

Read by Elizabeth Powers

Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited

Audiobook obtained through Kindle Unlimited.