Starting Read Along With Me posts

Going to start read along with me posts, to break it down as I go so it will be as if we are reading the book together. I will be trying to do several at once to get a good start to the series break downs so many of these will be re-reads for me but I consume so many books that even a book I read only a couple of months ago almost feels new. There is a potential for spoilers, but I am going to try and be as spoiler free as possible.  I do tend to get so excited sometimes so just know you have been warned. Please comment as you read along with me as the anticipation ties our stomachs into knots, even though you know it’s going to most likely work out for everyone in the end. It’s That small chance that someone in the story won’t make it that drives you insane and you just need to vent to keep yourself from jumping to the end of the book because you just got to know what happens to said person!