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Review: Misadventures of a Virgin (Misadventures #1) by Meredith Wild

A Smexy Hot Mess of a Story!

Misadventures of a Virgin is #01 in the Misadventures Series by Meredith Wild.

This series is written by many different authors.

Jennifer Mack and Brian Pallino narrates.

HEA with No cliffhangers!

This is a DMC Series: (Different Main Couple/Character Series). They are ALL standalones, so you can read these in any order.

Length: 6 hrs and 36 mins

Content Advisory:
High Heat! There is lots of sex, with some light bondage and spanking.

More information can be found on the official Misadventures Website.

This is very Steamy! A childhood crush becomes an adult second chance love story.




June Bell had a moment with her long time crush in high school. She had planned to lose her V-card to him, but an interruption left her waiting and wanting. Her crush left without a goodbye for college and she has been in a holding pattern ever since. She claims its because she has been busy helping her father run the family business, but we all know she is in denial. When she finds out her crush is back from college and looking to deal with his own family’s legacy, she makes a b-line to confront him. June arrives just in time for a Darcy like scene at the lake. Yum! She gets roped into a bargain for the land her dad has been wanting for years. A hidden picture she finds while packing stirs the pot of lies she didn’t even knew existed. The story’s roller coaster picks up speed from there and it gets so much yummier!

Kase McCasker has been drawn to the girl next door since grade school. It was a bit of a love, hate relationship given that their parents were rivals. His world blew up before he could claim her, and he escaped to college to forget. Now 4 years later and home, he finds out that June is still in the same ‘condition’ he left her in. He concocts a plan to save his home with the added benefit of claiming whats his. Kase has secrets that will put his new found joy to the test with an outcome I wasn’t quite expecting.

The family issues is what makes this whole story a hot mess. A little bit of honesty on everyone’s part could of prevented a lot of strife, but then hind sight is 20/20. I can’t say much more without spoiling it for you, but just know its way crazier then whatever you are currently thinking. The smexy times were HOT, and there were some laughs and some surprises. Really can’t beat that in a romance tale. You can probably find this through your local library but if not, it’s worth the credit.


Audio Sample

Meredith Wild produced an ending I didn’t see coming. Bravo! I really do love this ‘series’ of standalones. I know she doesn’t write them all but she is responsible for them making it to the market. 👍

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Jennifer Mack delivers great male and female character voices. It’s not quite fair to compare her to the male narrator of this story since they rotate chapters. A true duet would of been better, because both performers were excellent.

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First time listening to Brian Pallino. Hopefully its not my last, because damn he sounds sexy!

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Normal speed was fine, however I listened at 0.90x. It is my personal preference.

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Review: A Question Of Boundaries by Sandy Bruney

Very Creative Alternative Timeline Historical Romance!

A Question Of Boundaries is #01 in the A Question of… Trilogy Series by Sandy Bruney.

This series is listed by Sandy Bruney on Audible but other sites have it listed under Sandra Bruney.

Ashley Holt narrates.

HFN with a continuing storyline.

This is a SMC Series: (Same Main Couple/Character Series) A trilogy to be exact. The first one can be listened to as a standalone, but if you intend to continue the series I would recommend reading these in order.

Length: 6 hrs and 36 mins

Content Advisory:
This is very PG with no sex.

At the time of this posting, this Audiobook is currently available as part of the Audible Romance Package.

And the E-Book is currently FREE with the Kindle Unlimited..

This is a Historical Romance with an Alternative Timeline. There are Steampunk elements as well as Paranormal. It’s definitely not like anything I’ve listened to before, in the best way.


Caroline ❤ Nathan


Caroline Featherstone is the heroine of this trilogy, and she is a stubborn little thing for sure. Although its an alternative world, its still not far from the history we know. Women are still without many of the rights we have today, but she is determined to be more than she is allowed to be. This leads her into to many shady situations, especially when jumping blindly in trying to find her dad. Her brilliant yet ignorant father, has gone missing and there are those that are not above kidnapping her to get to him. Lucky for her, there are those that would protect her with their lives. These friends have many special skills that give them an advantage above mere mortals. I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises, but just know that this is a paranormal and that wolf on the cover is not a pet!

Nathan Llewellen is our hero and he is more than meets the eye! He is a widower and a politician. Nate is heading the party to drop the border restrictions. He knows that if Caroline’s father truly did invent a way of communicating without wires, that it would upset the Status Quo of the last 80yrs. This should be a good thing, but there are those that greatly profit off the way things are now, that would kill to stay on top. There are paranormal secrets in Nathan’s closet, as well as those of his acquaintances.
Pay attention to the clues!

This title was published in late 2014, but is actually quite relevant to current political times. If you don’t follow politics, that’s OK too. This was a great ride, with lots of surprises! I was so much into the story that I missed one of the clues that should of been obvious to me. I still got it before it was revealed to me, but way after the point where I should of picked up on it. 😀 This is great for those that like paranormal romances, steampunk, historical romances, or clean romances. I personally like a little smutt in my reads/listens, but I still enjoyed this tale.

Audio Sample

Sandy/Sandra Bruney has created some great characters. The world building is very inventive. This is my first by her and I hope to listen to the rest of the series.

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This was not my first or last listen by Ashley Holt. Her character voices are great even though at times it can get a bit muddy when the dialog goes on for length and numerous peeps are talking. Overall you don’t notice much though because you will be too rapped up in the story.

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Normal speed was fine, however I listened at 0.90x. It is my personal preference.

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Review: Running Wild (Hell Ryders MC #1) by J.L. Sheppard

What A First Ride!

Running Wild is #01 in the Hell Ryders MC Series by J.L. Sheppard.

Ken Solin narrates.

HEA with No cliffhangers!

This is the first in series so can be read at anytime. But as always, I suggest reading in order once you start this series.

Length: 9 hrs and 58 mins

Content Advisory:
There is sex, dirty talk, and cussing. Yum!

Motorcycles + Hot Alpha Males = A Smexy Good Time!

Running Wild is the first in this MC Romance series. It does a good job at setting the ground work for the players and their world without distracting from plot. It centers around Jace and Allie, but by the end you know all the characters you want to see get a HEA, as well as the ones you want to punch in the throat. All done without slowing you down or making you forget what you were actually reading about.

Jace “Trigger” Warren is our first biker bad boy up to bat. He has a lot of heart despite his gruff exterior. He is attracted to the heroine from the moment he sees her, but has to hold back because his war buddy Ty puts the “Do Not Touch” stamp on her right off the bat. Of course this doesn’t ultimately stop him, but it does make it hella complicated. I like the character but he mentioned being trailer trash way too much to the point it became cringe worthy. 3 times spaced out would of gotten the point across fine. I do love that he is not afraid to speak up and tell it like it is, especially to Lilliam. I hated that psycho.

Alyssa “Allie” Holden is our self conscience heroine. It’s to the point I wanted to smack her by the end. She manages to pull herself out of a F’d up situation to escape to the safety of her brother Ty. Not to mention this chick has a masters degree from an Ivy League school. The girl is smart and has got some balls, but she just doesn’t realize it. Lucky for her Jace doesn’t let her hide from it! She bucks the system in her determination to not have anyone control her life, but finds out the hard way why the secret service do what they do. I’m hoping in the future books we will see more growth in her character. 

Overall this is a great start to a new series. I look forward to the bikers that are yet to come. I really want to hear Ty’s book. That boy is so clueless! I think he has a thing for Tina. He so wants to be her baby daddy in more than just the obvious ways! It would also be poetic turn-about. She is Jace‘s little sister! There are currently 2 more Hell Ryders stories out in audio, Cuss and Ripper.

Audio Sample

This is my first listen by J.L. Sheppard. The characters are real and memorable. I want more! I plan to listen to the rest of the series as soon as I can get my hands on them.

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This is my first listen by Ken Solin. He does a good job with the various characters. His pauses could use some polish but overall it works.

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Normal speed was fine.
There were some random background noises from time to time but in short spurts.

Hell Ryders MC Series

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Review: Fury’s Kiss (New England Furies #1) by Nicola R. White

What An Exciting Story, I Want More!

Fury’s Kiss is #01 in the New England Furies Series by Nicola R. White.

Elizabeth Tebb narrates.

HEA with No cliffhangers!

This is a connected series, with interacting characters, places, and themes. I would recommend reading these in order.

Length: 9 hrs and 2 mins

Content Advisory:
There is sex, dirty talk, and cursing. 👍 This is action packed so things are all part of the action.

There is a attempted rape scene in the beginning.

At the time of this posting, this Audiobook is currently available as part of the Audible Romance Package.

And the E-Book is currently FREE in the Kindle Store..

If you like Mythology, you are going to love this title! Lots of Greek lore that isn’t touched on as much, which is refreshing. The Furies take front and center, and they are pretty bad-ass!

“Hell has no Fury like a woman scorned!”

This series focuses on 3 Hot Messes of roommates that are also BFFs. They will come to inhabit a Fury to ultimately stop a big bad, maybe more than one, that is coming into our world. Well, that is over simplifying it, because these ladies are pretty bad in their own right. Alecto, Fury of Vengeance, finds her home in Tara. The shadow cat Fury of Jealousy, Megaera, finds a fitting home in Alex. While the slightly more logical Fury or Murder, Tisiphone, finds a home in Rach. Apate, Eris, and Keres are all mentioned as the potential foe, so not for sure if there is going to be more than one Top Villain, or all three.

“If Rachel’s first instinct was still to diagram the problem, my world hadn’t changed so much, after all.”
— Tara

Fury’s Kiss focuses on Tara Walker the waitress. Once this story gets going, its hard to put it down. There is a little bit of everything that makes a great Paranormal read. There is romance, some laughs, adventure, the girlfriends you wish you had, super awesome powers, plus all the great bits of mythology you know and love. Plus some that I knew about but not in as much detail as I do now!

“Rach, I cannot become a dog-girl with bat wings. That is not OK.”
— Tara

The Scooby Gang comes together quite quickly. You are introduced to all the major players of the the first 3 main books so I would suggest reading in order, as there are tid-bits that help fill out a character’s profile that you would loose if you start in the middle. Only #01 is in audio at this moment, but there are plans to get the others out soon. That’s about the only bad thing I can say about this title and series. The E-Books are available on Amazon for all that is currently written, just not audio.

Audio Sample

Nicola R. White has created some awesome characters I just can’t get enough of. 😊 I can’t wait for the rest of the series to make it to audio. This was my first listen and won’t be my last!

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This was my first listen by Elizabeth Tebb. I could totally get lost in the story which is what you want from narrator. I did not like the Cajun accent for Ty. I grew up in the area that accent comes from and it did not work for me. Luckily it’s not used much.


Normal speed was fine, however I listened at 0.90x. It is my personal preference.

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Review: Christmas Lovebirds (Have A Hart, #1) By Rachelle Ayala

Lovebirds Prove the Power of True Love!

Christmas Lovebirds is #01 in the Have A Hart Series by Rachelle Ayala.

Jennifer Groberg narrates.

HEA with No cliffhangers!

These are about the members of the Hart family. The characters are all up in each others lives and stories so I would suggest you read them in order.

Length: 3 hrs and 50 mins

Content Advisory:
The author rates the Heat Level of this title as Sweet: Kissing and non-graphic foreplay, but before clothes come off, the door is closed and the scene is cut. 😐

At the time of this posting, this title is currently available as part of the Audible Romance Package.

This is very PG, but cute none the less. I really enjoyed the love birds! My personal experience with the little guys was not as pleasant as the ones in the story though. A friend’s family in high school had a pair and they were quite a terror. They would try to attack anyone that came anywhere near their cage. Maybe it was a territorial thing, maybe it was lack of interaction, I don’t know. From afar they were pretty and lovely to listen to, look at, and observe.


Melisa HartRob Reed


This story focuses around the youngest, and most overprotected Hart sibling, Melisa. She has had a crush on her brother’s best friend all her life, but his betrayal 10 years ago ruined it all. She has spent all the time since trying to hate him, but never truly succeeding. She seems determined to believe the worst, making her blind to what should of been obvious. But her brother Connor seems to be determined to prove that it runs in the family.

Rob Reed has been in love with Melisa Hart since the day they brought her home from the hospital. Seriously! He would sit near her bassinet and dutifully pick up her bonnet every time she tossed it over the side. Trying to help and protect his best friend in college cost him everything. It really was a stupid decision, but I’m sure we have all made those when we were young. There were better ways to accomplish the outcome that would not of been so harsh, but that’s why they say that hind sight is 20/20. Kudos to Rob for being a man of honor and never giving up the secret that was not his to tell. I would of caved after the 10yr reunion, if not before, if I had loved someone all my life. 




Lets be honest here, Cassie and Casey is the love story that stole the show! They proved that love at first sight is REAL! That neither time nor distance can stop true love. And that deep love encourages one to step outside their old habits to learn new ones together. They were absolutely adorable!

 A lot of angst about bird care, particularly about clipping wings. The story doesn’t sugar coat the reality of the disagreements caused by differing opinions. Which is refreshing. Mrs. Ayala has birds of her own, so I wonder how close to home this hits for her. I have a feeling this is an argument she has had more than once in her life. I can feel the passion in the words seeping through the pages.

“Kissee, Kissee, Kissee.”

This family is a bit nerve racking. Bossy, nosy, and always telling the other members how they should live their lives. So basically like real life families. There are several side characters you will see again in their own stories. I hope Ella and Declan get HEAs too. They are not listed as main hero or heroine for any of the future titles so far, but its always a possibility they may be a sub plot as the series continues. Larry and Jenna are up next. Larry came off pushy and rude at first but once his details get filled in, you find yourself rooting for him to get a HEA of his own.


Audio Sample


Rachelle Ayala is great at adding heart to any story. 😊 Even ones that lack the naughty bits. 


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First time listening to Jennifer Groberg, and she did well. Her male and female characters could use some more distinction.


Normal speed was fine, however I listened at 0.90x. It is my personal preference.

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Review: Man Hands (Man Hands #1) By Tanya Eby, Sarina Bowen

Mmm Man Hands Indeed!

Man Hands is #01 in the Man Hands Series by Tanya Eby and Sarina Bowen.

Luke Daniels and Erin Mallon narrates.

HEA with No cliffhangers! (Mostly, see review for more details!)

This is the first so could be read on its own, but the characters are all involved in each others lives and stories so I HIGHLY suggest reading them in order to get the best experience.

Length: 6 hrs and 26 mins

Content Advisory:
There is sex and dirty talk, and its oh so good. There is cursing. Ash especially has a potty mouth.
👍 (My favorite kind of story, but maybe not yours!)


♥ Story ♥

Man Hands is quite literally about hands that are manly, YUM, but also about so much more! All the characters in this book come in play, with two getting their own book. I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be more on that front so make sure to pay attention, because you may be revisiting that person later. I wouldn’t even mind seeing Chandra get her own story, despite how much you initially loath her.


Brynn ❤ Tom


Brynn is a food blogger and newly divorced. She is currently unemployed and feeling sorry for herself despite wanting the divorce. The guy really wasn’t a great husband and if it were not for her ex’s actions later in the story, I would of thought he was just using her as a beard. Her two friends are determined to get her out of her gutter by taking her to a party. … Let me rephrase that. … Her one friend, Sadie, is kind and wants her to get back into the dating game and find love. Her more abrasive friend, Ash, wants her to find Mr. Right Now for a hot and dirty ride. Combine this with Tiki drinks and the need to do something impulsive, and you get the night of her life that sets this whole thing into motion. And don’t worry if Ash gets on your nerves for being a big B, cause she is going to get her’s in the next book, and its going to be oh so good!



Tom Spanner is a TV personality focusing on home renovations. He does a lot of the work on screen with his Yummy Man Hands and the girls go wild! While his show is on hiatus, his friend Braht talks him into throwing a party at his house were the sexiest woman he has ever seen jumps him and gives him the sexiest experience he has ever had in his life.

…. And yes Braht is what he wants to be called, and yes, it is pronounced just like the sausage, and yes we will see him again in the book #2 and maybe find out what his real name is! ….

A pair of chocolate bunny panties is his glass slipper and the hunt is on for his dream woman. Once he finds her, the lines get skewed while he is trying to lay claim to her. It makes for laugh out loud good times!


“Wowza, … Come to daddy.”
— Tom’s D


Man Hands has a lot of tongue and cheek humor, mixed with steamy goodness, which lands this book on my Favorites list! Brynn’s blogging reminds me of Delicious Dish from SNL. For those that have never heard of the bit, please see the clip below.


The end is not quite a cliffhanger, but its a little bit for me as in that I have to wait till book #02 to hear the deets on the pantry incident. Those two are going to be a panty melting hot mess and it is going to be good! I can’t wait!

FYI: At the end of the ebook version there is a sneak peak of #02: Man Card.


Audio Sample

♥ Author ♥

Tanya Eby and Sarina Bowen make a great writing team. I look foward to listening to more from these two!

Tanya Eby

Tanya is a writer and a narrator. Be sure to check her out on both ends of the spectrum.

WebsiteTwitterFacebookAudibleAmazonGoodReadsOverDriveInstagramGooglePlayScribdBooKBub ItunesEStories HooplaDownPourBarnes and NobleKoboPinterestSoundCloudGoogle+


Sarina Bowen

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♥ Narrator ♥

Luke Daniels and Erin Mallon both narrate this story on an alternating chapter basis. You get 2 versions of every character when its done this way. They both did a great job and it would be hard to pick a favorite among the two performances. I would of loved to of had this be a true Duet, but that’s just me.

Luke Daniels

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Erin Mallon

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♥ Audio Production ♥

Normal speed was fine.

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Review: The Sheikh’s Contract Fiancée (Almasi Sheikhs #1) by Leslie North

My ReviewsHot And Entertaining

The Sheikh’s Contract Fiancée is #1 of the Almasi Sheikhs Series
by Leslie North.

Craig Van Ness narrates.

HEA, NO cheating, no cliffhangers!

Even though these are listed as being able to be read as standalones, they are connected by characters. I always advise to read in order to get the most out of the experience.

Length: 3 hrs and 5 mins

Content Warning: SEX! Plus Annabelle has a BIG potty mouth! So if you do not like sex or cursing, then you should avoid.

“Not all love fits inside the convenient boxes we make for it. It seeps out, one way or another, in ways we least expect it.”
–Sheikh Imaad Almasi

♥ Story ♥

A bit of a new spin on the Sheikh’s arranged marriage plot. Usually it’s an arrangement made by their father to a woman from their country that they are trying to avoid. This time the deal is with an American father trying to sweeten a merger deal.

Imaad ❤ Annabelle

Sheikh Imaad Almasi is the youngest of the Almasi brothers. The merger is necessary to prevent massive dismissals, but he doesn’t like being cornered into marriage. He is the one to initially come up with the plan: to play along until the merger is complete.

Annabelle Thomas doesn’t have the best relationship with her father, but agrees to be his representative in Parsabad. She is to see to the finial details, sign the paperwork, and in exchange, her mother’s hospital bills will be paid in full. It is not until she arrives that the Fine Print is revealed to her. She agrees to go along with Imaad’s plan but not without a contract. Annabelle swears like a champ, and I love it! It’s not excessive, but sometimes in life you need a good curse word, or 4, :-).

Life doesn’t go according to their plans, and its oh so good! This story is HOT and entertaining. Although making love out in the desert worries me. Just like the beach, sand gets EVERYWHERE! It is refreshing for both the Hero and Heroine to be equally strong/dominate. Often there is a deficit in one direction or another. There are still 2 more brothers to go and I can’t wait!

Audio Sample from Audible

♥ Author ♥

Leslie North is one of my go to authors for great romance. This title has had some publication issues that can be read about on her website. I find it totally unfair and a bit F*d up, but you can read for yourself.

WebsiteTwitterFacebookAudibleAmazonGoodReadsGooglePlayScribdBooKBubItunesBarnes and NobleKobo

♥ Narrator ♥

Craig Van Ness was great. Both genders as well as the general story narration was done superbly! Would listen to more titles performed by him.


♥ Audio Production ♥

Original speed seemed a bit fast to me. I listened @ 0.85 speed. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

The Sheikh’s Contract Fiancée

Almasi Sheikhs Series

Written by Leslie North

Read by Craig Van Ness

Ebook not currently available. See the Author website for more info.

Audiobook obtained at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review.

Review: Intercepted by Love: Part 1 by Rachelle Ayala

My Reviews

First Steps in a New Romance!

Intercepted by Love: Part 1 is quite literally that, the first title in the Quarterback’s Heart Series out of 6, by Rachelle Ayala.

Chris Abell narrates.

Cade and Andie’s story continues in Part 2.

Being the first, it could be read as a standalone, but I always advise to read in order to get the most out of the experience.

Length: 2 hrs and 54 mins

Content Warning: The author lists this series as (Steamy)

♥ Story ♥

This title is currently available as part of the Audible Romance Package. The ebook counterpart is available through the Kindle Unlimited program.

Cade Prescott is a professional quarterback hiding out after a Super Bowl loss, as well as other bad press. He meets Andie Wales in the library while she is doing research on bad boys of old. They may not have a love connection at first, but their dogs have no issue taking things to the next level. While dealing with the health and welfare of their future litter, things shift for these canine owners.

Cade’s past can’t be avoided, and there are others in town that also want to make a name for themselves. Particularly a co-worker that will inspire you to want to commit fictional violence. You can read my rant in my First Impressions post for more details.

This story ends in a cliffhanger, so you may want to go ahead and get the whole series now so you can easily go on to part 2! All parts are on the Audible’s Romance Package. I am going to have to do this myself, because I am impatient and I gotta find out how it all ends!

Audio Sample from Audible

♥ Author ♥

Rachelle Ayala writes just as good dirty as she does clean! Her heros and heroines inspire just as much love as her villians inspire fictional murder!

Rachelle has 22 Audible Titles.

♥ Narrator(s) ♥

Chris Abell did well with all the characters he voiced, especially the villians. Falling in love can be easy, but invoking hate from the pit of your gut takes talent!

Chris has 63 Audible Titles

Intercepted by Love: Part 1

Quarterback’s Heart Series

Written by Rachelle Ayala

Read by Chris Abell

Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited

Audiobook obtained at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review

Read Along With Me: Vacation Bride Part 04

Read A Long With Me

@ Chapter 18

  • That’s all the poor boy had to put on, because like the chicks in romances, he ran off without thinking!
  • And to prove my point, she does it too!
  • Finally! Sexy times!
  • Only PG! Oh well, at least there are finally Sexy times!

@ Chapter 19

  • About Time! Seriously Dude!
  • WOW! Bobbie has been upgraded to PSYCHO!
  • She is going on the list for Double Throat Punches!

@ Chapter 20

  • Yay Lani! She rocks!
  • Um, that doesn’t seem like true Chris behavior?
  • Chris has to be up to something!
  • Ha! Ha! That was AWESOME!

@ Epilogue

  • 1 year later, wonder where Book #2 happens?
  • Awe, that was super sweet gift her dad gave Diane!
  • Wonder if Diane will get a book? She is pretty funny!
  • I think there is some setup for Book #2, but not for sure.
  • If their parents got together, its not mentioned. Maybe in future stories, lol.


Join Vicky’s Readers Group and get a FREE copy of One to Keep, a Brides of Paradise short story.

  • It’s about Chris’s cousin Silvanus Cooper-Andersen.
  • Very short and clean.
  • Makes mention of Chris and his wife, so it would be after Vacation Bride.

Vacation Bride

Brides of Paradise Series

Written by Vicky Loebel

Read by Emily Beresford

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

Full Review Here



Read Along With Me: Vacation Bride Part 03

Read A Long With Me

@ Chapter 12

  • Seriously! This show is getting out of hand!
  • Glad Lani got the funds she needed, I really like her! Hope to see her as a heroine in a future book!

@ Chapter 13

  • That escalated quickly!
  • Moneygrubbers…. Ick!
  • Bobbie is up to something, don’t turn your back on her.
  • You go Lani!

@ Chapter 14

  • Cousins! Yes!
  • Cousins! Yummy!
  • Cousins! Future Books?

@ Chapter 15

  • I told you Bobbie was up to no good!

@ Chapter 16

  • Not the best way to wind down the kids, but fun.
  • Her cookie ritual is giving me nightmares!
  • Maybe just shapes next batch, K.

@ Chapter 17

  • Don’t think its going to be that easy.
  • Just do the online wedding and get that show off the island!

Vacation Bride

Brides of Paradise Series

Written by Vicky Loebel

Read by Emily Beresford

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

Full Review Here



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