The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation by Richard Rieman

This is a very informative book on creating audiobooks. The author has lots of tips from personal experience as well as some from fellow authors and mentors. The idea of creating your own audiobook can be confusing. There is so much more than simply picking out a narrator and recording it. Mr. Rieman gave me a lot to think about and a good idea for where to start.


I totally agree that writing for audio is a good plan. As a super listener of audiobook fiction, some titles do fall a little short sometimes when it comes to the audio. It reads fine in print, but in audio, its either distracting or overwhelming.


This is a good how-to title for the author that is thinking about, or on the fence about, making an audio version of their book.


“This book was given to me for free at my request in exchange for an unbiased review.”

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The Author's Guide to AudioBook Creation
The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation

by Richard Rieman

My GoodReads rating: 5 of 5 stars


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