Review: Better Homes and Hauntings

Better Homes and Hauntings
Better Homes and Hauntings by Molly Harper
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Update 09/12/2016
5 Heart Rating
5 out of 5 Hearts!

Updated this review to the Audible format.

This is a stand-alone title in the paranormal romance genre so this won’t make it into book break downs because it is a complete and total story unto itself. She normally has vamps & werewolves but this one has ghosts. A family legacy of literal skeletons in closets.

Deacon is a rich bachelor attempting to restore the historic island home that has been in his family since it was built. The home is ripe with ghost stories and the strange happenings make keeping a working crew almost impossible. He solves this by basically contracting a group to essentially be stranded until it can be completed. Nina, the heroine, is the landscaper with a past. As strange things start to happen, Deacon tries to logically explain them while Nina’s guilty conscience falls to her unfortunate past. As details of the history of the house are unearthed, the lines between reality and logic start to blur. Everything is not as it seems, and truth really is stranger than fiction.

It is a good audiobook that is worth a listen or read!

It’s a great read in-between series or for a light refreshing pick-me-up for a palate cleanser after a bad read/listen.

I have since listened to some of her other stories but all completely out of order because I have yet to acquire the whole of any of her series. What I have gotten my hands on has been good despite being all over the place. Her style across the board is light on the sex but full of great characters that you just can’t get enough of with a dash of comedy. I love authors that can work some laughs into things.

I definitely recommend this audiobook!

Original post 06/04/2016
Light on steam but big on story and heart!

I loved the characters and even shed happy tears it was so good!

Narrator was great! I felt wrapped up in the story the whole time in both the story telling and the characters voices themselves. I would recommend the audiobook version of this book.

This book is a standalone story and my first full length book by Molly Harper. I have listened to a novella by her that was in “The Undead In My Bed” anthology which really made me want to hear more.

This is a very PG story as far as the sex goes but the story more than makes up for it. Lots of laughs along the way and some very memorable quotes!


“Oh, dear God, brain, we are not friends anymore.”…

is my favorite and totally one I can relate to in my own life.

Deacon is completely adorkable and my new book boyfriend.

What was created in the atrium I am envious of and want one just like it one day!

I highly recommend this book and plan to read more by this author as soon as I can get my hands on the audiobook versions!

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Review: Her Purrfect Match

Her Purrfect Match
Her Purrfect Match by Milly Taiden
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I give this a 4.
The story good and the narrator is descent.

The narrator does the whole series and is descent enough but her female characters all tend to sound winey in pitch and there is not much distinction in the various characters. Her general reading voice is good for the non-character parts.

In my opinion this is a novella. It is not listed as such but it’s just 67 pages so I think some people may expect more because it is listed as a full length book. Most of the reviews told me this was a short read and so I went into this thinking of it as a short read. Sometimes I prefer a short read because it gets straight to the point and more importantly straight to the sex.

I got this through Amazon and Audible by using my Kindle Unlimited account to get the ebook for free and then the audio through Audible for the discounted price for having the ebook. It is a great way to go if you want to get some good deals on audiobooks.

This is book #3 in the Paranormal Dating Agency series. Although these are all connected through the PDA they can easily be read as a stand-alone. Each new book either the lady looking for love or the shifter she is being set up with knows the people from the last book in some form or fashion. In this book Talia Barca aka Tally from book #1 is in it at the beginning as friend to the main character Lyss. She is introducing Lyss to the Gerri Wilder who is the match making genius and owner of the Paranormal Dating Agency. The couple from book #2 are referenced indirectly but none of them being mentioned by name.

This book finds Alyssa Moran [AKA] Lyss tired of dating loser but determined not to end up being a lonely cat lady. She wants love and kids and willing to try dating out of her species if Gerri can make it happen for her. Lyss has to travel out of town to meet her shifter date so Gerri makes arrangements for the weekend. After major car trouble along the way she is literally run into by her potential suitor although I don’t know if Lyss ever realizes it. Grayson Green knows he wants her the moment he sets eyes on her but doesn’t know his loyal guards have set this whole meeting in motion. Gray is a Tiger shifter who does not believe in love but who needs a mate and some cubs ASAP to keep from having to battle for his position as the pride leader.

The physical chemistry between these 2 is electric and steamy with lots of sex and even when they are not having sex there is lots of talking about the sex they plan to have later. I do have to say though for a man that is desperate need of cubs, he seems to be a bit too preoccupied with anal sex. I guess he doesn’t know how babies are made.

These books are BBW in nature. I did not select them for that characteristic nor do I read that genre specifically either. I am familiar with what reviewers have slammed some books for in this genre and feel that these books should meet with one’s needs if they do like this category of fiction. I personally just love paranormal romance series and a good deal on price as I am a massive consumer. These books, though their focus is on larger ladies with curves, do not belittle others that are not of the curvy variety. These books encourage being happy with what you got and not letting others tell you that you deserve crap relationships because you are not what they would deem as the ideal body type.

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