Read Along With Me: Asher Black Part 05

Read Along With Me
@ Chapter 25

Are we FINALLY going to get sexy fun times?

Damnit, NO!

@ Chapter 26

This chick is giving me whiplash!


That’s it?

 @ Chapter 27

This chick needs to get her brain in check!

Why is she acting like his past is a big surprise? She knew it going in, and he has been honest with her! She is the one with the secrets! I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the true cause of the attacks!

@ Chapter 28

They are misogynistic assholes.


 @ Chapter 29

See what lies get you!

Throat Punch!
Throat Punch!
Throat Punch!

You got some company Monica!

Throat Punch!
Throat Punch!
Throat Punch!

Go Asher!

@ Chapter 30

You’re just now figuring that out!



Asher Black

The Five Syndicates Series

Written by Parker S. Huntington

Read by Lacy Laurel

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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