Read Along With Me: Asher Black Part 06

Read Along With Me
@ Chapter 31

What the what?
Shit getting crazy!

Now you’re ok with the killing!
Really lady!

@ Chapter 32

Now she gets it!
You can’t show the enemy all your cards!


Fingers crossed, Lucy gets to punch Monica in the throat!

 @ Chapter 33

I’m getting a very Italian Job vibe!

FYI: Niccolaio Andretti is hero of book #2!


@ Chapter 34

Is this Mark, the Marco Camerino of book #4?

Minka is at least doing something!
Doesn’t make me like her, but it does make me not hate her!

 @ Chapter 35

Lady, He didn’t kill the guy!


Throat Punch!
Throat Punch!
Throat Punch!

Punch her in the throat!

No Throat Punch!

The End, for the ebook!

@ Secret Epilogue

In my review audiobook copy, there was a short Epilogue that is not present in the ebook. As this is a review copy and not the Audible, I am not sure if this is present in the final product.


Asher Black

The Five Syndicates Series

Written by Parker S. Huntington

Read by Lacy Laurel

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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