Read Along With Me: Beneath the Lake 1.0 Part 02

Reading Beneath the Lake

This is a double feature!

1.0 is a reading as a fresh new reader.
2.0 will be a 2nd read through.

Be sure to check your number!

@ Chapter 02

Lake Lanier, Georgia—June 2011

Stalker much dude?

There was no turning back. Obsession drove him forward.

The night of the party
(for those that need a reminder: June 9th 2012)

A: Are there shifters in this book?
B: Yes you are an idiot!
C: What did I tell you about driving angry!

I lived in Georgia and had heard of Lake Lanier but never all this lore. I totally missed out! 

Be careful what you wish for Lacey!

@ Chapter 03

Lake Lanier, Georgia—July 2011

Obsessed much? And now there are more guys!
What did Lacey do?

The morning after the party
(that should make this: June 10th 2012)

Why is she half dressed? Really?

Going to nit-pick here, that’s not how you say cicadas!

One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, is watching a cicada hatch and pump his wings until they fully formed, right after learning about it in my invertebrate zoology class earlier that day! Too bad cell phone cameras were not a thing at the time. 

Speaking of cell phones, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore Dorthy!

Beneath the Lake

Lake Lanier Mysteries Series

Written by Casi McLean

Read by Aundrea Mitchell

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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These are my honest reactions and I can have a potty mouth sometimes!