Review: Beneath The Lake by Casi McLean

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Time travel stories can go wrong so easy, and I’m so glad this one went so right! If time travel sounds daunting to you, just pay attention to the time and date when it is given and you will be just fine. I’m a big fan of Doctor Who so the concept of multiple timelines doesn’t phase me.

The story was well written and heartfelt. The steam factor is light for those that do not like those sorts of stories. This story takes place around Lake Lanier, Georgia, which I have lived not too far from at one point in time. I never knew that much detail about it other than it was a man-made lake so of course I had to immediately do some of my own research. The “Lake” in Beneath The Lake is of great importance and in a way its own character. Without it, there would be no story. I wouldn’t say it is the main focus of the story, as I feel that the true point is love and how it sometimes takes us the long way around.

The story has multiple time lines running concurrently but all of them seem to in one way or another focus around Miss Lacey Madison Montgomery. She goes by many version of this name depending on who she is conversing with. She finds her boyfriend in a compromising position at the beginning of the book which becomes the catalyst for her late night ride into the storm that changes her life forever.

Its really hard to talk about this story without giving anything away, but I can say it’s so good I want to read it again. I want to listen to from the beginning for a completely different experience. It makes me want to do 2 read alongs on my website to this story. One as a new reader experiencing the mystery and a second read to experience the emotions that are sure to come.

This is my first read/listen by Casi McLean and I want more. She wove an excellent story of love and endurance that I could not stop listening to.

Aundrea Mitchell does an excellent job on all levels of story narration. The story telling has levels of expression that makes it more than just the details of the story. The character voices both male and female are distinct and well done and there are a lot of both throughout this story.

This gets 5 time bending hearts out of 5 from me and recommended to anyone who loves a good romantic read with a stellar HEA.

I plan to feature this story as a Read Along With Me story, so be sure to check back soon!

Beneath the Lake

Written by Casi McLean

Read by Aundrea Mitchell

Ebook purchased through Kindle store.

Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review

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