Read Along With Me: No Ordinary Billionaire Part 01

Read Along With Me
@ Chapter 01

Funeral!!!!!! What?!

Patrick? Who’s Patrick?
Mrs. Scott you got me stressing and I’m not even a page in!

So this is Dante Sinclair’s book. Which I’m sure you knew already.
He’s a Detective, and I’m sure a HOT one.

Only half-way through the chapter and I already got the feels for this man.

Let’s all together now give Dante a big group hug!

We you Dante!

Yay! Grady! We you too!

@ Chapter 02

Sooo…. We meet our heroine, Dr. Sarah Baxter.

Mrs. Busy Body, the town gossip Elsie Renfrew is hinting to the story line possibilities.
Regardless of the fact that Sarah doesn’t seem to be interested in all the destiny talk and matchmaking efforts, I’m all for!

I have a feeling we will see Elsie’s partner in crime, Beatrice Gardener, not only later in this story but quite possibly in future stories.

Awe… They Dante too!

Ooooo… House Calls. That has sexy time written all over it!

So Sarah is 27 and a Doctor. She has mentioned early advancement in school, so I ‘m sure there is a longer story there.

@ Chapter 03

Boo! No Smexy Shower!

Applause for the random trivia!
No one seems to truly appreciates it, unless it’s trivia night at the bar.

Yes. You are an asshole.
Now think about how you can make it up to her!

Now we are getting somewhere!

No Ordinary Billionaire

Written by J. S. Scott

Read by Elizabeth Powers

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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