Review: Primal by Sky Corgan

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H-O-T! Oh, And Did I Say Hot!

This is as close to reality as it comes for the home reader of erotica that has no real experience in anything even remotely kinky.

Many women romanticize about the world of BDSM, but if one was actually trying to make the page become a reality, it would probably end up a lot like Winter. We would have lots of cheap pieces ordered from amazon and a small collection of overly sexy outfits, but still never seeming to leave the perch at the bar.

Winter is determined to live out the fantasies she reads about, even going as far as to drag her best friend and coworker Simon along for the ride. Once she lays eyes on her Mystery Hottie, she realizes she may not be quite cut out for this lifestyle, because she wants so much more than just a random encounter.

Mystery Hottie turns out to be a scrumptious desert of a man named Sorin, who is a regular and very much not looking for more. He doesn’t even like to do the same girl twice so there is no misinterpretations of his intentions. He can’t help being drawn to his Little Miss Sunshine and her inexperience and the deep desire to ruin her for other men.

Their perceived ideas of the rules of the game and how they think it’s going to play out couldn’t be any more wrong, but in a good way. Trust me, its Oh so Good!

I can relate a lot to the heroine in this story. She wants to have a crazy sexy adventure, but she wants to do it with just one man, the same man, Her man.

This is my first read from Sky Corgan and I am not disappointed! The writing was full of heat and emotions. You feel for Winter and really want to see her get her hottie and do bad thing to him! And Sorin heats you up so much you want to do naughty things to your significant other! You have been warned!

Thank you Irina Stone for delivering a lust inducing performance while also nailing the other characters. Pun intended! I felt right in the middle of the story the whole time.

I give this 5 out of 5 naughty stars and recommend this to anyone who likes their stories Hot!



Written by Sky Corgan

Read by Irina Stone

Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited

Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review