Read Along With Me: No Ordinary Billionaire Part 06

Read Along With Me
@ Chapter 17

“Dante’s tests all came back negative,” WTF? What tests is this guy having? ‘Negative’ would imply that he ‘caught’ something.

“Then he’s back to his usual ornery self?”

I love those little old ladies!

“I think that Elsie should break the story.”

Way to go Sarah!

“I hate to mention this, but you’re in a hospital. I thought . . . I guess I was worried . . . oh hell, I just wondered if you were doing all right with that”

ooooooohhhh sexy times? Maybe!

“I’m lonely.” He flipped back the covers and scooted to the left, making room for her in the small bed. “Come sleep with me.”

Nope! Grrr!

@ Chapter 18

Now we get smexy time!

There’s nothing worse than being obsessed with a female who’s a damn doctor!

If Sarah doesn’t get in her own way!

@ Chapter 19

We get to meet Mara Ross, who is the main focus of the next book, and she is just so adorkably cute!

Sarah’s negative Nancy attitude about Dante is getting old. Seriously! She is missing the obvious here. Get him a job locally. The offer is out there, just help him get there already!

“We gravitate to sweet because we’re all assholes.”

Apparently Dante likes the same denial koolaid as Sarah, but at least his is more productive.

“Saturday. Want to place a bet?”

No Ordinary Billionaire

The Sinclairs Series

Written by J.S. Scott

Read by Elizabeth Powers

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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