Read Along With Me: Beneath the Lake 1.0 Part 01

Reading Beneath the Lake


This is a double feature!

1.0 is a reading as a fresh new reader.
2.0 will be a 2nd read through.

Be sure to check your number!

Beneath the Lake is a time travel piece so pay attention to dates when they are given, it will help you stay on top of ‘when’ you are.

Buckle-up yall, cause we are going for one hell of a ride!

@ Chapter 01 Un-named Prologue

Lake Lanier, Georgiaβ€”June 2011 (see date, remember)

‘him’ WTF? I thought the main character was a ‘her’? Something fishy going on here and not just the dude in the water! Unless he’s a Merman?

His target: Lacey Madison Montgomery.

Oh no! That’s our ‘her’ he is after! Is Lacey the reason he is all wet? He doesn’t sound happy either way!

@ Chapter 01 (For Reals This Time!)

June 9th, 2012, Lake Lanier, Georgia

Ok, now we are with Lacey!
So Lacey is a lawyer and she doesn’t like rich people.
Anyone else smell a story here?

Oh no, the shady water guy is at the party! And is he really married or does she live in Canada with all the other fake partners?

Hit him!

Hit him again!

Now, Take a bow lady!

Didn’t Groundhog’s Day teach you anything!

Don’t Drive Angry!

Beneath the Lake

Lake Lanier Mysteries Series

Written by Casi McLean

Read by Aundrea Mitchell

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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These are my honest reactions and I can have a potty mouth sometimes!