Read Along With Me: The Beast of Bath Part 02

Read Along With Me

@ Chapter 04

Time for Beauty to make a deal with the Beast, and oh what a deal it is!

I am so glad I don’t live in this time period. Lack of modern day conveniences and health care aside, it really sucked to be female. Where, even if you were from wealth and status, you were bought and sold like livestock. Your money and station in life only effected what you were traded for. Regardless of what your virtue was worth, you were first and foremost to be a baby factory for your husband. That’s without drugs of any sort, any prenatal anything, and without a proper doctor most the time. Yikes!

I do feel bad for the Beast though. You would think that money makes the heart grow fonder for a lot of shallow women, but apparently there are a plethora of eligible wealthy men in the area. You would think at least 1, if not several desperate status climbers would be willing to jump at being his wife regardless of looks. It’s sad that people would be so stuck up that they would rather married and old wrinkly man than a young viral one that just happens to have a bunch of scars.

So sad!

The Beast of Bath

The Beast of Bath

Written by Chasity Bowlin

Read by Lillian Yves

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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