Read Along With Me: The Two-Night One-Night Stand Part 02

Read Along With Me
@ Chapter 01

At first I thought there wasn’t a mix-up. Something had to be up given how cryptic her “friend” was being. That friend of hers comes across as a bit selfish. Not getting good vibes here!

If the breast exam man is the true date, then her friend is an asshole! That means all that giggling really was mean spite, and that makes her a super asshole! Since that would make him her brother, then they are a family of assholes!

A talking “Peen” is really not that far off from what actually happens in a man’s head. We all know men too often use the head below their belt over the one on their shoulders. This way its more comical and oddly enough less creepy.

The Two-Night One-Night Stand

Written by Ryan Ringbloom

Read by Tor Thom

Read by Charley Ongel

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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