Review: The Billionaire’s Christmas by J. S. Scott

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Good Start to the Series

This is just a novella, so it is considered number 0.05 of the series, but it’s still the beginning.

We get a good introduction to the Sinclair family as we start with Grady, the Amesport Beast.

This short story is a play on the Beauty and the Beast classic, minus the fantasy elements. Grady Sinclair is our Beast and Emily Ashworth is our Beauty. There is still a castle of a house and hiding hero, but Grady is not quite as beastly as he is made out to be. He is just a recluse with a social anxiety issue. Our Beauty, however, does make a deal out of desperation.

Grady is adorkable and totally going on my book boyfriend list!

By the end of the book, all the Sinclair children have been introduced. It is not totally clear on their birth order, but the prologue leads to a different impressions than the epilogue does.

There are characters mentioned that are part of another series by J. S. Scott, so if you have read The Billionaire’s Obsession Series, some people in this one will be familiar to you. Given how tight these boys are, I wonder if Grady has already shown up in that series. It is quite possible that all the Sinclair siblings have made appearances, but I have not read that one yet.

The narrator Elizabeth Powers is excellent, however the volume level of the recording is not consistent. The whispers that are used to represent the heroine thoughts, get so low to the point that the volume needs to be raised to hear what is being said. This consistently takes you out of the story because of the need to constantly adjust the volume, which is not always easy to do on certain devices.

Overall I give this 5 of 5 stars! And can’t wait to get started on the next one!

The Billionaire’s Christmas

Written by J. S. Scott

Read by Elizabeth Powers

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Review: The Billionaire’s Christmas by J. S. Scott