Read Along With Me: Vacation Bride Part 01

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@ Introduction

  • So its like The Bachelor with a dash of Big Brother and a smidgen of Survivor.
  • How long do you think it will be before this is actually a reality?

@ Chapter 01

  • I don’t think they truly pick randomly, because the selection would be a big hot mess!
  • Her dad as her stylist sounds…. interesting.
  • That was nice of her friend. I like her attitude and snarkiness!

@ Chapter 02

  • So what happens to Ryan to take him out of the show?
  • Very unfortunate way to come into money.
  • Bobbie is definitely not one to trust, she just wants whats best for herself.
  • She may be jinxing herself with that dolphin statement, cause they could totally do that!

@ Chapter 03

  • Bus driver description sounds funny yet a bit unerving.
  • I like Lani! Coupon swap was good call.
  • I would of liked to of seen that picture of the lil boat standing up to the big boats.
  • Pretty sure that boat captian is our hero Chris.

@ Chapter 04

  • It’s sad, but if Chris would of been with them, he would probably be dead too!
  • She wasn’t laughing “at” your boat dude! She was amused at the image in her head about your boat’s bravery!
  • So awkward!
  • Liars! The both of them, lol!

@ Chapter 05

  • mmmm…. cookies
  • Anna’s dad is actually pretty cool!
  • Chris and Anna are just too cute!
  • You 2 missed the best opportunities to come clean about your lies. That’s going to come back and bite ya in the butt!

Vacation Bride

Brides of Paradise Series

Written by Vicky Loebel

Read by Emily Beresford

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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