Read Along With Me: Vacation Bride Part 02

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@ Chapter 06

  • Nice thing she did there for the kids with the cupcakes!
  • Wow, that last sentence is a Doozy!

@ Chapter 07

  • She was a competitive swimmer, and she teaches swimming now, so she should do well.
  • Brideacudas…. Love it!
  • Lani and her sister are both Fabulous!
  • Butts Bitten! Told you so!

@ Chapter 08

  • I’m sure even the fights are labeled “Romantic”!
  • Ryan has a lot of nerve! Seriously!
  • If Chris really wanted to make this go away quick and easy, he technically has the money.

@ Chapter 09

  • Don’t think she ever planned on winning, just staying around long enough for her father to get in a little vacay time.
  • Doubt there was any love between Bobbie and Ryan, only opportunity and money.
  • Getting married so you don’t have to get married seems counter-productive?
  • OK, someone needs to throat punch a b@#ch! That was just cruel!

@ Chapter 10

  • If their parents get together, that will be cute overload!
  • I would of figured that everyone would of jumped to the conclusion that Chris had the same amount of money connections that his cousin Ryan had, but I guess not?
  • Random Porn reference! Nice!

@ Chapter 11

  • That’s what happens when you fall in love!
  • Yeah, should of included her dad.

Vacation Bride

Brides of Paradise Series

Written by Vicky Loebel

Read by Emily Beresford

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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