Read Along With Me: Vacation Bride Part 04

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@ Chapter 18

  • That’s all the poor boy had to put on, because like the chicks in romances, he ran off without thinking!
  • And to prove my point, she does it too!
  • Finally! Sexy times!
  • Only PG! Oh well, at least there are finally Sexy times!

@ Chapter 19

  • About Time! Seriously Dude!
  • WOW! Bobbie has been upgraded to PSYCHO!
  • She is going on the list for Double Throat Punches!

@ Chapter 20

  • Yay Lani! She rocks!
  • Um, that doesn’t seem like true Chris behavior?
  • Chris has to be up to something!
  • Ha! Ha! That was AWESOME!

@ Epilogue

  • 1 year later, wonder where Book #2 happens?
  • Awe, that was super sweet gift her dad gave Diane!
  • Wonder if Diane will get a book? She is pretty funny!
  • I think there is some setup for Book #2, but not for sure.
  • If their parents got together, its not mentioned. Maybe in future stories, lol.


Join Vicky’s Readers Group and get a FREE copy of One to Keep, a Brides of Paradise short story.

  • It’s about Chris’s cousin Silvanus Cooper-Andersen.
  • Very short and clean.
  • Makes mention of Chris and his wife, so it would be after Vacation Bride.

Vacation Bride

Brides of Paradise Series

Written by Vicky Loebel

Read by Emily Beresford

These are my musings as I listen/read this story!

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