Review: Naura (Enigma #2) by Ditter Kellen

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Naura is #02 of 09 in the Enigma Series by Ditter Kellen. All 9 are currently published with 05 of them being in audio. The author plans for the other 4 to be in audio by the end of the year. She also plans many more after #09 at this time. Which excites me to no end!

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Johnny Mack narrates the series, to include all future editions.

HEA with no cliffhanger!

These are connected by characters so I recommend reading the books in order. It is more enjoyable that way, but could be taken as standalones if you absolutely insist. There would be spoilers for the earlier ones if you start in the middle.

Length: 5 hrs and 43 mins

Warning: SEX!
Yes! Both in thoughts and actions, so those opposed should avoid.

Trigger Warnings
None that I see.
Please let me know it you think there should be.

♥ Story ♥


Bracadyte Princess, Naura ❤ Anthony “Tony” Vaughn

“Every day until I draw my last breath”.



Naura is sister to Hauke from Book #01 which makes her a princess of the Bracadytes. She took blood from Tony in that first book, therefore linking her to him forever. During this exchange, she bared witness to his memories of the horrible way his wife and son were taken from him. It is against the Bracadyte law to take blood from humans as it is also a no-no to mate with one. Hauke and Abbie barely got around this, but Abbie has to forever stay in Aukrabah. Naura knows Tony will never agree to this, but wants Tony anyway!

“Naura differs from the rest of us. The gift she carries inside her is cemented in love and light. It cannot dwell in darkness.”


Anthony “Tony” Vaughn is Abbie’s Uncle and an ex-CIA operative. His former employment is what has led to the demise of his family, his near non-existence in the human world, and some “connections” that always seem to know what is going on behind the scenes. Tony wants Naura but fights it at every turn because he feels broken beyond repair. He worries that karma is determined to make him pay for the deeds of his past.


“You’re not like me, Naura. You’re good and pure, and I’m all that is opposite of that. If I had met you before…before I became a monster, I would have given you everything that you deserve and more.”
— Tony

Naura and Tony are joined by all the characters from Book #01 that, if you have been listening in order, should of grown to love. Braum’s clever deceptions are to be commended. Gryke’s bumbling of common human phrases are hysterical. Vaulcron’s obsession with the “Great White Shark” reporter leaves much to look forward to. I can’t wait until I can get to listen to their HEA stories!

“Chicken,” Naura taunted with a grin.
Gryke tilted his head to the side. “What is a chicken?”
A chuckle bubbled up inside her. “It is human slang for one who is afraid.”

The couple this time around face challenges on the personal level as well as the outside world that all seem to be stacked against them. There is more to be learned about the virus, as well as some secrets being kept by those that are trusted. Book #02 matches Book #01 in the action department and will not let you down.

He suddenly gripped her upper arms and gave her a slight shake. “Don’t you say that.” He shook her once more. “Ever. Do you hear me? You survive. No matter what, you have to survive.”
— Tony

I am glad this series is going on my Read Along With Me list because I really want to comment without spoiling something. I got a lot to vent about Henry! I really don’t like him! Look for it over there hopefully soon.

Breaking off the kiss, he stared into her amazing eyes. “I’ve never known love on this level before. It excites me and scares the hell out of me at the same time. I’m going to be overprotective, unbearable, and a royal pain in the ass. A lot. But I’ll cherish you until I draw my last breath.”
— Tony

♥ Author ♥


This is my third read/listen by Ditter Kellen, and I still want more! Her characters are ones to hold dear and her writing is imaginative and unique. The covers are still HOT!

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♥ Narrator(s) ♥


This is my fifth listen by Johnny Mack, and I’m glad he will be voicing the rest of the series! I am coming to associate the characters in this story with his voices.

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Enigma Series

Written by Ditter Kellen

Read by Johnny Mack

Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited.

Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review