Review: What Lies Beneath (Enigma #1) by Ditter Kellen

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What Lies Beneath is #01 of 09 in the Enigma Series by Ditter Kellen. All 9 are currently published with 05 of them being in audio. The author plans for the other 4 to be in audio by the end of the year. She also plans many more after #09 at this time. Which excites me to no end!
Every fan never wants their series to end!

❤ Yay! ❤
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Johnny Mack narrates the series, to include all future editions.

HEA with no cliffhanger!

These are connected by characters so I recommend reading the books in order. It is more enjoyable that way, but could be taken as standalones if you absolutely insist. There would be spoilers for the earlier ones if you start in the middle.

Length: 6 hrs and 8 mins

Warning: SEX!
Yes! Both in thoughts and actions, so those opposed should avoid.

Trigger Warnings
None that I see.
Please let me know it you think there should be.

♥ Story ♥


Bracadyte Prince, Hauke ❤ Doctor Abbigail Sutherland

“Enigma,” he finished for her.



Doctor Abbigail Sutherland knows her dad is up to something and follows him to work to find that the answer is more than she could of imaged. A human-like specimen is in the lab, waiting to be retrieved by the military. Abbie feels drawn to this creature but cannot fathom why. He seems familiar for some reason.



Hauke is a type of alien merman, for lack of a better word. The last thing he remembers is searching for his sister and brothers in arms after an explosion. He wakes in the lab to the sounds of Abbie’s voice and mentally links with her and shares the memories of their past encounter. After an infusion of human blood, Hauke is miraculously back from the dead just in time for all hell to break loose.


He backed her toward the unmade bed situated against the side wall. “I need to love you now, sweet Abbie. All of you.”
— Hauke

The pair turn to Abbie’s uncle for protection. Uncle Tony is an ex-CIA operative who is a ghost. Seriously, he basically never existed due to his past government relations. With Tony’s help, they manage to get Hauke home under the sea. Take note of Uncle Tony, because you will see him again!

“Te amo’?” she questioned through their link.
“It means I love you.”

Of course it’s not going to be that easy!

There is a lot of action to be had, as well as more characters to meet and fall in love with. The overall story Arc of the Bracadytes and the infection will continue throughout the whole series.

Ditter Kellen weaves mythology into a uniquely beautiful story that is the world of the Bracadytes. The characters are fictional but will illicit real emotions. You will want to rise up on their behalf to protect them from the human ignorance that threatens their well-being.

“You have a strange vocabulary, my mate. I am not certain why they would give me a rat’s ass”
— Hauke

The Enigma series has quickly become one of my favorites! I can’t wait to listen to the next as I devour this series like candy. I want to know how every character’s story plays out!

I can’t really comment more without spoiling something. And trust me, there are things I want to say about some of the people I want to stab in the face, lol, but I will have to make this series a part of the Read Along With Me titles, so look for it over there hopefully soon.

“Do not feel bad for me, my mate. I cannot change what I am, and I sense the love you hold for me inside your heart. Know that I possess feelings for you that you could never comprehend.”
— Hauke

♥ Author ♥


This is my second read/listen by Ditter Kellen, and I can’t get enough! Her writing is imaginative and unique! The covers are HOT!

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♥ Narrator(s) ♥


This is my fourth listen by Johnny Mack, and I’m still loving it! His performance of both male and female character works. If I had to nit pick, the only thing I could say is sometimes the transitioning between narration and Hauke’s voice is not always smooth, which is not that big of a deal, being that it is a transition of Hauke’s thoughts/POV to Hauke speaking, so its all still Hauke. 🙂

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What Lies Beneath

Enigma Series

Written by Ditter Kellen

Read by Johnny Mack

Ebook obtained through Kindle Unlimited.

Audiobook obtained for free at my request and I am voluntarily leaving this unbiased review