Review: The Beast of Bath: A Regency Fairytale

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 This is a great retelling of Beauty and the Beast, set in a steamy historical romance!

All the classical markers are there. The beast with a curse that forces him to hide in his castle. The beauty who is desperate enough to make a deal with him. A vile self-absorbed villain. And a house of servants that see the Beast for the man he has become. Now that might sound simple but this story is not the warm and fuzzy sing-along from Disney. Like the movie, Thessaly is without a mother, but her dear papa is definitely cut from a far darker cloth than the classic. That is where the story starts and it only gets darker and steamier from there on out.

It was a short read, without an epilogue, but there was a lot of story with lots of steamy scenes. There are many retellings of the classics and always will be more, but I felt this was its own unique version. The plot is great and I liked it a lot, but it reminds me that I definitely would not want to live in this time period. I like the modern convinces of today too much. Of course this is my opinion as a person looking back from the future, where a person from that time has no idea of any other way of life, in regards to electricity, indoor plumbing, and medicine. That being said, I have always been far too willful of spirit to be content with the lack of rights women had during that time in history. I would of most likely gotten myself killed, arrested, or committed due to my “unruly” and “un-lady-like” behavior!

The book was narrated by Lillian Yves, who did a great job. The pacing seemed a bit too fast, so I lowered the speed which fixed my issue. I would say it was a technical issue as opposed to a narrator issue. The narrator did well with all the different character’s voices. The volume level of her voice was consistent throughout the listening experience, never dropping too low forcing me to constantly adjust the volume. This is a personal pet-peeve of mine and I am glad to say I did not find that issue in this audiobook.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Romantic Fiction.

Due to its setting and title, this might qualify for the sub-genres: Historical Romantic Fiction and Paranormal Romantic Fiction

For those that do not like these sub-genres, I say: Proceed Without Caution! Why? The time frame of the book is 1817, but it is not heavy on the history. And despite the mental imagery the title might conjure, it is not paranormal. Just regular humans who happen to live a long time ago.

Overall I give this 5 of 5 stars!

Best price (@ time of writing this post): The ebook version is available through Amazon Unlimited for free and then you can purchase the audiobook version for $1.99.

The Beast of Bath

The Beast of Bath

Written by Chasity Bowlin

Read by Lillian Yves

Review: The Beast of Bath: A Regency Fairytale

“This book was given to me for free at my request in exchange for an unbiased review.”